AngularJS Development For Your Business Needs

AngularJS development

We live in an age where software applications have turned into extensions of businesses that build them. If you want your business to thrive in a highly competitive market, it is important to build a robust application that stands out from the clutter. AngularJS helps you build such web applications that not only leverage your business processes but also give your business a unique identity.

So, what is AngularJS?

What Is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework used for building powerful and responsive web applications. The structural framework uses HTML as the template language and helps you extend its syntax to express the components of your application clearly. 

Features like data binding and dependency injection allow AngularJS development services to get rid of cumbersome code developers would otherwise be required to write. Moreover, it keeps all activities within your browser, making AngularJS an ideal partner for almost any server technology.

Why Is AngularJS Important For Your Business Needs?

Now that we know what AngularJS is and what it does, it is important to understand its importance in the corporate world. While it is difficult for an organization to thrive without a dedicated software application, it is equally important to choose the right technologies to work with.

Here are a few important reasons why looking for a competent AngularJS development company like Intellisource can help you resolve your business needs:

Simple And Powerful Design Architecture

The simple yet powerful design architecture of AngularJS allows new developers to start their journeys into the world of custom software development. Irrespective of the number of components a developer needs to deal with in a single web application, the framework makes it easy for them to do so. 

MVC Support

Software developers often split an application into three distinct components while working with the MVC (model view controller) design pattern. They then write the code to stitch these components together. With AngularJS, developers obtain in-built MVC support that lets them break their web applications into necessary components while letting the framework handle everything else.

Code Reusability

Another major benefit of seeking AngularJS development services is that the framework allows developers to reuse codes or code components while building robust web applications. This makes developing multiple applications easier and faster as the developers no longer need to start coding from scratch. This also helps you build AngularJS applications capable of running on multiple platforms and operating systems.

Improved Plug And Play Components

AngularJS is known for its enhanced plug-and-play components, helping developers add existing components to new applications simply by copying and pasting them. Such simple and straightforward functionality increases the speed of development, making all necessary assets available to you according to your project’s requirements.

Data Binding

AngularJS facilitates data binding in two different formats – one-way data binding and two-way data binding. This unique feature allows AngularJS developers to update app data from view to components and vice versa. Such automated data sync happens takes place between the “model” and “view” layers of the MVC architecture. 

You can utilize these data binding features to ensure seamless data sharing by updating the right values between two layers of your web applications simultaneously.

A Vast Developer Community

One of the biggest reasons why most developers prefer working with AngularJS is its vast community. Programmers can obtain generic and personalized support from a community of new and experienced AngularJS developers. These members help each other make the most of the JavaScript framework, resolve common queries, and improve the projects they work on. More than anything, it provides developers with a sense of solidarity, helping them do their best for their clients.

Faster Web App Development 

In the age of digitization, organizations often work on software development projects with strict deadlines. In such circumstances, it becomes important to build quality applications at a faster rate. AngularJS makes this possible due to its comprehensive components and tools that simplify web application development. 

Along with simplifying the app development process, the framework reduces the efforts put in by developers for building applications of all complexities and scales. This saves them time in developing high-end web applications without hampering their quality.

In-built Dependency Injection

Dependency injection is a component that injects dependent functionality into your application’s modules during its runtime. AngularJS comes with an in-built dependency injection mechanism that lets you build, test, and maintain your web application effectively. This mechanism also promotes code reusability, helping developers build multiple applications without writing tedious codes from scratch. 

Real-time App Testing

AngularJS provides developers with extensive unit testing features. These features ensure bug-free, easy-to-maintain, high-quality, and well-documented codes. The JavaScript framework also provides developers with rich and robust options, preventing them from relying on third-party software solutions for supporting their web applications.

DOM Manipulation

As the framework supports MVC architecture, AngularJS prevents the need for direct manipulation of the DOM from code within the controller. The MVC architecture lets controllers manipulate the model, influencing the view with data bindings and directives. This allows developers to obtain clean and testable outcomes.

Quicker App Prototyping

Building custom web applications is a challenging task. A team of developers often spends a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources to bring a software development project to fruition. AngularJS makes this process smoother by facilitating faster prototyping. This feature reduces the design-to-production timeline for developers from months to a few weeks. It lets developers write fewer lines of code, receive faster feedback, present new concepts more effectively, and make necessary changes without facing hurdles. Overall, quicker app prototyping lets AngularJS developers build their applications at a faster and more efficient rate for their clients.

If you want to fulfill your business needs by building powerful web applications, you can do so by teaming up with an AngularJS development company. Make sure you work with experienced developers who understand your business requirements and know the gaps in your ongoing IT infrastructure. Having the right team of developers on board can help you attain all your business objectives and thrive in your industry.

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