Android vs Ios which is better?

android vs ios

This planet comprises two kinds of people. Users of Android, and of iOS. In the mobile operating system world, the other mobile operating systems are nearly seems non-existent. Each time a discussion is had that revolves around mobile devices or technology, it comes down to whether Android or iOS is better than the other.

Number of users and cost

For obvious reasons Android has a wider user base than the iOS. Android devices are more pocket friendly than iPhones from Apple which cost a lot to purchase. Even the cheapest iPhone can lighten your pocket by a huge amount, while premium Android phones can be purchased at half the price, or even for less. Android being an open-source mobile operating system also makes it possible to produce Android devices on a scale for a large pool of original equipment manufacturers. Many of the leading Android smartphone manufacturers are Samsung, Huawei, Htc, Oppo, Motorola, Vivo, LG, Sony. What makes each manufacturer stand out from the other is the hardware spec inside a particular price band.

User experience

It is one fight Apple is winning every time it hands down. The essence of Apple’s products are excellent design and outstanding user interface. Starting from the app drawer that gives the advanced settings access to simple devices, each pixel of iOS is built to offer a superior user experience. At the other side, Android adopts a utilitarian approach. It provides a decent experience for the consumer but not a great one like Apple. The UX fluctuates from each platform as well. In comparison, iOS maintains continuity of UX across all devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and so on. So if you are thinking of building app for your business then you should go for experienced ios app developers by DianApps.

Software performance

Even the software used in Apple devices is designed to use the hardware to its fullest. It’s for the same reason that, when Apple devices’ tech specs are checked, their RAM and related tech attributes can seem lower than Android devices. Apple has, however, designed iOS in such a manner that the hardware is used without interruption to the greatest degree possible.

Even, iOS apps don’t have sluggish applications that makes them function quicker and easier. Android, on the other hand, falls short of superior results given the higher tech specs. So hire iphone app development service From DianApps to get best app for your business. One big explanation for this is that OEMs are modifying the open-source OS in the way they want to suit the products they make. As a consequence, brand-to-brand success also differentiates.


The most strong punch that Apple fans deliver on Android users is that Apple is more secure because it attaches great importance to the privacy of user data. Apple’s secure environment does not allow any third party to snoop on user data. If you want your customer’s data to be secured then you should hire experienced ios app developers from DianApps.

Android apps are famous for safety issues. Numerous reports have brought the security vulnerabilities most of the downloaded Google Play Store applications have to the surface. Yet Google has worked diligently to make Android a safe and stable user-friendly operating system.


When you’re asking any millennial-mobile OS they’d prefer, either Android or iOS would be the top pick. There is no other smartphone OS, like these two, that has achieved so much global popularity. Each mobile App has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although iOS has a closed ecosystem that limits third-party access, Android is taking the oop-source path that enables app developers to work extensively together and integrate. As a result, there is a small number of mobiles in the iOS app store, while Android has millions of smartphone phones with varying qualities. The iOS provides a lot of energy to user interface and design, while the usability and simplicity of Android is given priority. DianApps have experienced ios app developers who can build amazing app for your business

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