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Many time while playing a game on our phone we think if there was any big screen or laptop or desktop we would have placed very well with better control option. For Example, initially, there was the 2G game we call as a video game on TV if we get an opportunity to place on the phone we might not comfortable or convenience while playing that game in the phone and we will start looking multiple options to make that game easier while playing still can’t then we will quit the game or uninstall the game. But now there is an option which you can use to play your mobile games on PC. You just need to Install 9Apps Download to PC, Laptop or Desktop and enjoy all mobile games on Laptop or desktop same or wit more better and convenient way on the big screen. Before we go ahead I will help you with steps which you can use to Install this 9Apps Download on PC application easily.

How to 9Apps Download on PC:

  • Open your computer >> connect your data to PC
  • Now open a browser and type www.9app.co.in and click enter Step
  • After open Go to category 9app >> PC Step
  • Download application for PC
  • Go to download folder >> Click on the application
  • Tick on the box showing term and condition >> click next >> get ready to use

As we are talking about mobile games on PC, so the most trending and downloaded game of the era is PUBG. I am every or most smart users had downloaded these games on there phone and playing online but there are so many who face issue while playing this game and they get killed and in gaming language that players are known as a bot.

The player who got killed easily in this game they have multiple reasons for getting killed. For example, the Phone was slow, Interest was slow, the phone was lagging, intermittent on the Internet, the screen was small, control was not comfortable, etc. So for those users, if they get the option to install this game on laptop or desktop then they might have done well compared to the phone. Now, don’t leave a hope you use 9Apps Download on PC and use this application on Laptop and Desktop easily without any issue there might be some change in control compared to phone but soon you will going to learn that.

So if there are any application or games which you think you need that on your phone as well as you need on your laptop then you can use 9Apps Downalod on PC option and use that application on your Laptop or Desktop easily without any issue and enjoy them on PC. Even there is one more application you might like to Install which is trending and mostly used which you will able to find in all smartphone using phone Vidmate.

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