Best Android libraries to use in 2021 for app development

Android libraries

Currently, the market share of Android OS is nearly 71% and this could increase in the coming time as per the expectation. Ultimately, this would directly impact the growth of software companies and Android app developers for hire will be the major part of the scenario. Most professionals are looking for robust and bug-free apps that offer seamless service to their consumers.

For building the application, it is utmost important to follow a dedication, tools and libraries. With this only, the desired application could be in your hand that comes out clean.

What are Android Libraries?

Android Libraries are the inbuilt structure that is useful for developing the app. It is structure-wise the same as the Android App module. It includes everything like source code, Android manifest and the resource file. When there is a need for Android app developers for hire, it is also important to consider libraries.

The main use and benefit of using these libraries are to eliminate the extra efforts while developing the app. This also simplifies the development process.

Top Android Libraries which are best in use:


The ExpansionPanel is a library that is rich enough in the required features. It is possible to set up multiple expansion layouts to allow open one at a time. The code of this library is under the Apache 2.0 license and on Google Play, the sample app is also obtained.


It is one of the top libraries for Android development that facilitates the work with canvas on Android. You can use objects now instead of the methods.

It can be used to implement the RectShape, TextShape, DrawableShape, CircleShape and PathShape using the Canvas methods. For this reason, it is widely considered while Android app developers for hire.


The other great library for Android is Kotlin-math that is a complete set of Kotlin APIs. It is used to make Graphics math simpler to write. There are various APIs that are exposed not as a method but as a top-level function.


The most used library that allows developers to create their application stands out. It is the right alternative for SQLite that is an object-oriented embedded database. It is well suited for IoT. It eliminates the chance for developers to deal with SQL and offer a simple interface to the data.


If you are looking to develop an Android application that has multiple active components communicating with each other, then it is for sure you will face a problem. For this, the Eventbus is the best library that uses the publisher/subscriber pattern.

It made the communication between components simple, decoupling event senders and receivers. With fragments, activities and background threads, it performs well. The different classes that are involved with this library are decoupled completely from each other. This leads to the code that is simple and easy to debug. It eliminates the error-prone dependencies and life cycle issues.


EasyPermissions is a wrapper library to make the basic system permissions login easy. A user can check if the app already has the required permissions or not using this library. The number of permission can be of any number as its final argument.


Picasso is an Android image library that claims to allow for the hassle-free image loading. It takes care of the handling of imageView recycling and downloading cancellation in an adapter. Also, it facilitates complex image transformations using caching and automatic memory.


Jake Wharton develops ButterKnife which is a renowned view binding library. It makes the code clear and it enables the developers to save time. It is because there is no requirement of writing repetitive code like findViewByID. This library is helpful for the developers to bind dimen, strings, click events and more.


In early time, this library was used by designers to create beautiful animations. Currently, it is used for the shape layers, solids, masks, trim paths and alpha matters. It allows the program animations to respond to any interaction. The developer can also go forward and backwards.


All of the libraries described above are good. Based on their popularity we have shared the information and one need to choose the right library based on demand. All of the libraries carry the required concept that could be fruitful for the android development process.

Any of the libraries can be considered while Android app developers for hire. Choose your library to build productive mobile applications, all of the libraries are meant for the same purpose.

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