10 Amazing items that you can Wash in the Washing Machine

Washing machine

In addition to the bedding, towels, rags and garments we wear, the washing machine can help us with cleaning many other things that sometimes would not even occur to us. The key is to use low temperature programs and make use of laundry meshes for small items, if necessary. You can also resort to using a few drops of disinfectant essential oils (such as pine) instead of bleach with certain items.

Had you ever thought about washing any of these ten everyday objects in the washing machine?

Backpacks: has your school bag or gym changed color? So it’s been a while since he needs a wash. Empty it completely (be careful with markers or pens) and treat any possible spots beforehand so that it comes out flawless. For this we recommend using a soft bristle brush and some active oxygen suitable for colored clothes. Then, turn the backpack over to put it in the washing machine and use a warm water program.

Toys: we can imagine the amount of germs and dirt that accumulate. Take advantage of the cleaning power of the washing machine to give new life to your children’s toys. Use wash bags for small parts such as building blocks or bath toys. Let them dry outdoors.

Sports equipment: sportswear can become a great challenge for laundry. But do not forget that other items of equipment such as knee pads, elbow pads or shin guards also get dirty with sweat or mud. In the washing machine they will be perfect if we put them in a mesh with the rest of the laundry. Use a gentle cycle and never use the dryer.

Food bags: the thermal backpacks with which we take food to work should also be washed from time to time to avoid cross contamination or even food poisoning. A gentle cycle with warm water is all you need to make your cakes flawless.

Yoga mats: they get dirty with sweat, dust and all kinds of remains that are on the floor where we place it for exercise. In addition to passing a rag from time to time, it is convenient to wash them completely so that they do not accumulate odors. Place it on the drum as unrolled as possible and balance the load with a couple of towels. Choose a warm water cycle and add a few drops of disinfectant essential oil.

Reusable bags: these bags that are often stained with traces of food that we bring from the supermarket can also be washed without problems in the washing machine and thus prolong its useful life. Follow the manufacturer’s label instructions, if you have one. If not, choose the maximum temperature depending on the fabric or material and let them air dry.

Makeup sponges: remove the remains of accumulator makeup by introducing the sponge with which you put on makeup along with the rest of the laundry. Use a warm water program and a few drops of essential oil disinfectant for germs.

Oven gloves: removes grease and stains typical of handling in the kitchen as if it were any other household item.

Mops: many times we have mentioned how important it is to have cleaning tools in good condition at home. Remove the mop head from the stick to put it in the washing machine after each general cleaning. You can use bleach in the wash to disinfect. To complete the wash, you can introduce other tools such as scourers, brushes, scrub gloves or, of course, wipes.

Mats: provided they are not coconut fiber, door mats and small carpets can be put in the washing machine. Even those with rubber backing. Pre-treat stains, use a cold water cycle and a liquid detergent with a high level of protection such as liquid detergent. Always dry them outdoors so as not to spoil the materials.You may be interested: How to maintain your house on a daily basis

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