Tips to have custom kitchen furniture

Tips to have custom kitchen furniture

The need for custom kitchen furniture is the reality we find today. We always go after we have a kitchen, but we need to adjust its design or re-accommodate the spaces. But we cannot remove everything and set up an ideal kitchen from scratch.

So it will be better to determine ourselves the basic elements that will be changed, to achieve our objectives. That is why today I will tell you how to know what custom kitchen furniture you need.

Starting point

To know what custom kitchen furniture you need, we must start from what we have. It is important to assess every detail well, from the structure, space, lighting to the true needs we have. Maybe when the kitchen was done we were the newly married couple and now we are a large family. Maybe before we just did the basics, but today we make sweets or more complex preparations. Therefore, the first thing is to   identify our needs well. It is important to be objective, to achieve the best results with the right budget.

It is also very important to make a preliminary assessment of the spaces and their conditions. For example, review in detail the installation of water and drainage. Take a look at the state of the electrical installations; be clear that if there are changes in the position of equipment, you must locate the new installations before anything else. Check the floor and its condition. Maybe touch up the joints of the slabs with a melt.

But if you still cannot get the idea clear, calm, we will do it in reverse engineering, now I will list a series of tips or keys to keep in mind. When analyzing each one, you will discover which ones you do not meet yet and this will awaken your ideas. We start…????

Distribution Tips

Properly locating each element in its best place will give us comfort. Therefore, the first principle to correctly locate custom kitchen furniture is the triangle location of sink, cooker / oven and refrigeration equipment. These are the three key and most accessible points while we are in the kitchen.

Located each point of the triangle, measures the 3 distances, the sum should not be greater than 8 meters. Each distance must be between 1.2 and 2.7 meters.

Having kitchen furniture as they meet this theorem is important. But I will give you some additional tips:

If your kitchen is small, I recommend you make it linear along a wall. You must plan the location of each item well. Make the most of the wall.

The kitchen space is square, since using custom kitchen furniture with an island would be ideal. On this island I could locate the sink or the kitchen / oven. But remember to guarantee the necessary facilities.

Your space is elongated and narrow; because that is the most used distribution, so assemble your kitchen in the form of “L”. Generally in the longest part is located sink and cooker / oven, leaving the shortest part for refrigerators and refrigerators.

There are also double circulation spaces, imagine a hallway. Well, you would be in the presence of a parallel kitchen. These are very practical; you can separate the space of scrubbing and cooking.

And finally, the “U” kitchens, for small square spaces, which have only one door. Here if a perfect triangle is achieved, and very comfortable to make food.

So start by being clear about what kind of space you have, where you will place each item. Recreate in a way you would imagine and try to feel the sensation that everything is in its place.

Tips on Functionality and Security

Sometimes we look for our custom kitchen furniture without realizing that simple details make a difference. Some key tips to have a functional and safe kitchen are:

Do not place two drawers in one corner, because if you open one you will not be able to open the other.

You use a dishwasher, try to locate it as close as possible to the sink, so you will load less and reduce water splashes.

Having a drawer for utensils near the burner will be more comfortable, we will have everything at hand.

Be careful to put the burners in a corner or too close to the wall, this concentration of heat is fatal.

Do not put large windows where burners go. When you enter a lot of air you can turn off your stove and have a gas leak.

Putting curtains near the burners is too dangerous, decorate with other elements or do not put anything.

If you can install the oven separately from the burners, place it at a safe height and away from the reach of children.

If your oven is attached to your burners, add some safety measures for infants.

You use gas heater and you have it installed in your kitchen, because the burners are more than 50 cm apart. Two heat emitters should never be close.

Other general tips

The current demands of using custom kitchen furniture has created other concepts where planning and organizing is essential to achieve comfort and functionality. So I will comment some additional tips:

Vertical storage is an effective solution. Locate spaces that have drawers and dispensers from below to the ceiling.

Do not set limits, dare to innovate. Do not miss a centimeter of your kitchen.

The height of your kitchen should be according to your height, adjust it to you and you will gain in comfort.

If your kitchen space is very narrow, sliding doors could be the solution.

In matters of color combinations, the possibilities in custom kitchen furniture are enormous, do not limit yourself and customize to your liking.

Having enough storage spaces will make the organization easier, prioritize having them.

Home appliances should be placed in ventilated places. The microwave should be at least 60cm high.

The best location for the dump must be under the sink. Recommended in a space with a door that closes well, in order to avoid the access of possible animals

Adding an extraction hood is highly recommended. Modifying gas installations is not complicated or very expensive.

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