Air Conditioner Repair: What To Do When AC Suddenly Stops Working

air conditioner repair

Have you ever got into your room only to discover that your air conditioner stops working abruptly? The next thing that comes to your head is how to get the best air conditioner repair. Here, you’ll receive insights on what to do when the AC suddenly stops working. Maintenance issues, mechanical problems, and clogged air filters are among the many reasons your AC won’t work. Let’s look at these issues. 

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Stop Working

1. Mechanical Issues

Your air conditioner’s responsibility is to get rid of the heat in your home and let in cool air. If your AC isn’t doing this, it could result from a mechanical fault. Your AC unit has five parts: fan, evaporator coil, blower, condenser coil, expansion device.

Your AC unit has two sections: one inside your home and one outside it. The fan in the section inside blows air through the chiller evaporator coil, cooling your home through air ducts. Hot air from the condenser coil, compressor, and another fan is vented outside. The expansion valve controls refrigerant movement between the evaporator and condenser coils.

The mechanical failure of any of these parts is possible. Assuming that the motor on your fan isn’t working, the outside unit can’t dispose of the heat. Also, assuming that your compressor is harmed, the refrigerant can’t flow between the inner and outside units.

2. Clogged Air Filter

Failure to replace the air filter on time is perhaps the most well-known reason an AC unit will quit working. Property owners who overlook this essential task make their AC unit work more than it should. A clogged filter stops the progression of air through the unit, diminishing its productivity and making it harder to cool your home.

3. Low Refrigerant

Once the refrigerant is low, the AC won’t cool quite well. The measure of the refrigerant in your unit should precisely match the maker’s particulars.

There are two reasons why you would have a low amount of refrigerant. The first is that the technician added insufficient refrigerant. This always happens when an ill-trained air conditioner repair service handles your work. However, more probable, the level is low because your AC unit has become leaky.

4. The Outdoor Condenser Unit is Blocked

Your home may be so hot due to poorly landscaped yards or neglect of lawn care. When dirt or leaves cover the condenser coil, heat can’t move as freely, and the unit must work much harder to cool, which can result in your AC breaking down. 

5. The Unit is too Small for the Space or You Have an Old Thermostat

A major cause of glitches is that many home cooling units aren’t installed properly in the first place. If the ducts are too small, the unit should enthusiastically work to chill the house. So, the parts get more mileage, and their lifespan is shortened. In addition, if the actual unit is too small for the space, it will fail to cool the house adequately. 

It can also be an issue if your thermostat isn’t properly adjusted, especially with an old-fashioned dial control model.

The Steps to Take When Your AC Breaks Down

Let’s now have a quick run at what to do when your AC suddenly stops working before you call for air conditioner repair. 

Check Your Thermostat

The changes can cause your home to heat up. Ensure that your program settings are correct, that it’s set to cool rather than heat, and that it’s on AUTO. Also, check the battery in your thermostat. Your air conditioner may not be malfunctioning at all. Because the batteries are dead, you can’t see anything on your thermostat. What can you do? Change the batteries.

Check the Indoor Disconnect Switch

You might have turned this off unintentionally. Somebody might have knocked it off. Ensure the distinction switch is set to “on” before doing any extra investigating. This straightforward fix may be all you need.

Check Your Filter

An obstructed filter channel can affect how your AC runs. If you notice your filter is dirty, change it. Notice now if that makes the difference. If it doesn’t, it may mean that the clogged filter might have caused a build-up of dirt in the ducts. You will need to get a professional to clean that.

A Fuse Is Blown

You may have blown a fuse. A blown fuse between your AC and your thermostat is similar to a terrible battery in your vehicle. You’ll have to have it replaced before the apparatus can do its thing. Except you are trained for this, this isn’t a fix to endeavor yourself. It’s ideal to call in for professional help. 


Before you call in for an air conditioner repair, the steps above are for when your AC suddenly stops working. If nothing works, turn off your unit and call a professional to check it up immediately.

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