Is Ai Based HR Software a Friend or Threat to All Human Resource Department?

best HR software
best HR software

The human resource department manages every department, team, and employee of your organization. It is a challenging, complex, and tedious task to manage the entire workforce; to achieve the business goals. The human resource department is responsible for managing the employee from the job interviews to exit interviews.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the best advanced revolutionary tools that can change the paradigm of human life. We witness the applications of AI in most of the aspects of the tasks we do today.  

The human resource leaders globally have implemented AI in their processes to enhance their efficiency. Furthermore, they are also exploring the application of AI on other human resource operations. The best HR software in India will have artificial intelligence integrated to help business owners to optimize their human resource efforts. 

There is a huge resistance to accepting artificial intelligence in the processes. Because; the population thinks that it might a threat to their livelihoods and push them toward unemployment.  

In this blog, we will cover two important aspects of artificial intelligence in human resources. Firstly, let us try and understand what AI-based HR software is. Secondly, we will also dive deep into whether AI is a friend or threat to the entire human resource department. But before diving deep into the topic let us understand what exactly artificial intelligence is. 

What is artificial intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence is a set of algorithms that adds intelligence to machines or computers. Previously, human beings and animals were considered intelligent. But now the technology has become so advanced that even machines have become intelligent. Now the machines are capable of performing tasks without any manual interaction.  

We witness the use of artificial intelligence in most aspects of human life today. An application like Siri, Ok Google, Alexa are built on artificial intelligence and its applications. All the search engines have artificial intelligence in their algorithm to give you the desired result for what you looking for.    

What is AI-based HR software? 

AI-based HR software is a system that has artificial intelligence integrated to reduce human interaction. Ai is a robust tool that will help businesses make strategic data-driven decisions that will support business growth. 

AI-based HR systems will help businesses automate most of the tedious and repetitive tasks to reduce the work burden on the HR department.  Furthermore, the AI will help business owners to gather data, evaluate it, and make accurate predictions about their business. There is a wide usage of artificial intelligence in every aspect of human resource operation.  

Is AI a friend or a threat to the human resource department? 

There is a tremendous impact of artificial intelligence on human resource operations. But there is a huge debate whether AI is a friend or a threat to the human resource department. Well, this debate is quite reasonable because artificial intelligence; is capable of automating most of the human resources operations. As a reason, it will reduce the workload on the HR department and cut down on resources substantially. 

However, artificial intelligence is a robust tool that can transform your HR operation tremendously to enrich your process. AI will help business owners to optimize their efforts to yield better results than giving a higher return on investment. Additionally, this technology will help to accurately forecast the future challenges and opportunities in your business process.  

Artificial intelligence has a positive influence on the recruitment process of your organization. AI-based HR software will help to post the job descriptions on all the job portals. It is also capable of gathering all the responses, screening the resumes, and filter them as per the job role. AI will help you to recruit the best talent according to the job role and retain them. 

You can also use this technology in your onboarding process and make the most out of it. Onboarding is a tedious, time-consuming, and intricate process which needs a lot of accuracy and efficiency. AI-based HR software will help business owners to automate the onboarding process. The new hire can log in to the portal to fill, submit, sign and upload all the required documents. The best HR software in India with AI will help to screen the documents and files to check the missing data.    

HR professionals can implement artificial intelligence in their training and development; to enrich their processes. The top HR software will have an AI-based learning management system integrated. Artificial intelligence will help understand employee’s pace and capabilities Hence, it can customize the training module according to the pace of the employee to enhance the impact of the training module.  

AI has a tremendous impact on analyzing the big data generated by employees. AI-based HR software will help gather all the workforce data and evaluate it to make strategic data-driven decisions. 


AI-based HR software has tremendous benefits that businesses can make out of. Well, no doubt AI might have an impact on reducing the extra heads and cost-cutting efforts; of the organization. But with no doubt, artificial intelligence is a friend to the human resource department, not a threat. If there is a paradigm shift in the market there will be new job opportunities for the workforce.  

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