Meaning, Advantages, And Cost Of Natural Blue Sapphire Stone

blue sappire stone

If you intend to buy a Neelam stone online, you must know the meaning and advantages of this gemstone. The increasing popularity of natural blue sapphire stone can be observed when examining their historical significance.

Throughout history, these exquisite gems have held a special place, captivating the hearts of monarchs and nobility. Notably, the sapphire, with its rich blue hue, has been a favorite among royalty. However, the original Neelam stone price ranges from a few thousand to lakh rupees.

Ancient Greek and Roman cultures revered this precious gem as a protective talisman. At the same time, medieval kings adorned themselves with sapphire jewelry as a form of safeguard during wartime.

 Furthermore, the blue sapphire, symbolizing love and loyalty, gained iconic status withPrincess Diana’s engagement ring. This legendary sapphire ring continues to enchant future generations within the royal family, leaving an enduring mark on history.

Meaning of Natural Neelam Ratna

Blue sapphires belong to the corundum family. The beautiful color of this gemstone comes from the presence of trace elements like iron and titanium. This beautiful blue-colored natural gemstone is one of the most sought-after gems that holds a significant meaning throughout history.

The color of the gemstone defines it all. In ancient times, this amazing gemstone was related to the sky as both reflect the same hue. The meaning of neelam stone extends beyond the horizon; that is, it signifies divinity.

This powerful gem represents love, commitment, loyalty, and wisdom, making it an essential stone for engagement and wedding rings. So, purchasing a blue sapphire gemstone online in India is a good option for the same.

Advantage of Original Blue Sapphire Stone

Gemstones, often associated with unique energies and mystical powers, have been valued for their healing properties since ancient times. In Vedic Astrology, the Neelam Stone, recognized as the September birthstone, is considered a potent gem among the nine classifications.

When worn correctly, it offers various astrological benefits. For astrological benefit, one should wear and know the cost of the original panna price per ratti.

Firstly, it is believed to bring good luck and financial prosperity to its wearer, leading to a sense of guided fortune. Secondly, the Neelam Stone contributes to personality development by aiding in decision-making, enhancing focus, and boosting self-confidence. It is particularly beneficial for students seeking to improve their concentration.

Moreover, this gemstone is also known for its health benefits, assisting with digestion and preventing stomach-related ailments. Wearing the Neelam Stone promotes a sense of calm, reducing stress and anxiety. Additionally, it is associated with the planet Saturn, which is believed to bring relief from neurological disorders.

What is the Natural Blue Sapphire Stone Price in India Online?

Several factors determine the price of Neelam Stone in India, often evaluated through the 4 C’s – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight.

The Color Beauty, Higher the Price

When it comes to Neelam Stone, color is a paramount factor. The primary hue of the stone is blue, and the secondary hue can range from violet to green. The more intense and vivid the blue color, the higher the original Neelam Stone cost.

Tone and saturation also significantly impact the stone’s cost. The finest Neelam gemstones exhibit medium to dark tones and vivid saturation. Among Neelam gemstones, those originating from regions like Kashmir and Sri Lanka are highly prized for their beautiful and sought-after colors. Ceylon blue sapphire price is higher in comparison to gemstone from other sources.

Eye Clean Clarity and associated price

Finding natural Neelam stones with exceptional clarity is challenging, making them more valuable. Many stones on the market have undergone treatments to improve their clarity and color.

Consequently, treated Neelam stones are available in a wide price range. Eye-clean stones, meaning they are free from any visible inclusions, are highly prized. Stones with slight inclusions, graded as ‘very slightly included’ or ‘slightly included,’ are priced lower. Treated Neelam stone prices typically fall at the more affordable end of the spectrum.

The precise cut assigns a great price

 The cut of the Neelam Stone is another crucial factor influencing its value. A well-executed cut by a skilled professional can maximize the stone’s color and overall visual appeal.

Furthermore, a skilled cut can help preserve the final weight of the stone while minimizing undesirable inclusions. A perfectly cut Neelam Stone that accentuates its color and brilliance is offered at a premium price.

Carat Weight and weighted price

The price of Neelam Stones per ratti varies with their size. As the weight of the stone increases, so does its price. Additionally, the stone’s origin plays a role in determining its value, with Neelam gemstones from renowned regions commanding higher prices due to their superior color and quality. Sri Lankan blue sapphire and Kashmir blue sapphire price is high with an increased carat weight of the stone.

In conclusion, Blue Sapphire original stone is about more than just its intense shade of blue. Still, it’s more about the hidden symbolism and advantage this stone holds.