All Things Essential About Patent, Copyright & Trademark

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Do you know you can safeguard your intellect ideas, concepts, thoughts, etc with a valid government authorized license? Well, all these intangible creations out of a human intellect is valuable and you have every right to protect them from any sort of imitation or theft.

However, there’s a few options to go on for obtaining lawful protection. The intellectual properties are either secure by patent (patent alma) or by a trademark or a copyright. If you are uncertain regarding the choice of license then fret not, we are here to clear your doubts.

Read till the end to learn all things essential about patent, copyright and trademark.

What is a Patent?

Patents are basically government endowed rights that are granted to an original and new invention, idea, concept or creation. The materials which can be patented include machines, industrial processes, manufactured artifacts, chemical compositions and many more.

The actual inventor, otherwise, an individual or an organization can avail the rights for a patent. The owners of patent can license the property and also enable others for making use of it or they can also sell it.

But in order to attain patent for a specific property it needs to be met with certain terms and conditions. Your intellect property must be new and unique. Also, it should not be released by you or anyone else in the past.

What is a Copyright?

Copyright works as a protection for ownership of an individual or group’s artistic work that mostly contains literary, artsy, theatrical and musical creations. The intellect goods which can be secured by copyrights are songs, poetry, music, novels, paintings, motion pictures, architecture and also digital creations or computer software.

You must make a note of this fact that ideas alone cannot be copyrighted however, the tangible form of an idea can. In cases for artistic work copyrights, the tenure of its lasts till the author’s life followed by 70 years of additional protection.

If someone infringes the copyright then the owner possess the right to sue the person in court. By obtaining copyright you will be issued a public notice before the showcase of the owners property.

What is a Trademark?

Now trademark can be termed as symbol, word, design or phrase that is utilized to detect and segregate the source of goods of similar parties. The ‘trademark’ term is basically used for referring to a specific business’s service mark.

While making use of a specific mark for a particular trading goods or service, the user can utilize a designation for it to indicate the trademark. It is basically essential for businessman to separate their services or goods from other similar items.

Choosing the right option

These legal rights can be used to protect an entity’s work, creation or intellectual property. Now that you are well aware of the three individual rights it is time for you to make the choice. You can either secure by patent (patent alma), trademark the goods & services or file for a copyright.

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