5 Core Benefits of Having an iOS Application

benefits of iOS application

In this post Digital Graphiks, a web design Dubai based agency, wants to refer to the benefits of creating mobile applications, especially those of Apple’s operating system, iOS. As we know, there are many mobile operating systems to create innovative and creative mobile applications, among which we have Windows Phone and Android together with iOS as the most advanced in the global market.

So, it is clear that the demand for programmers for mobile applications is very high across the world, whether developed or developing. That is why learning to program on iOS or other type of platforms is a great opportunity for all who are interested in mobile application development and who wants to enter this fantastic world of mobility, but what benefits does it have to create iOS applications compared to other platforms? This post is going to evaluate this question.

After the comments above, we can get a little idea of ​​the benefits of creating or being a mobile application programmer. Despite this, there are platforms that give us more core benefits than others when creating them. An example of this are the applications created with the iOS operating system. In the following, we will give you a list of the core benefits of creating iOS applications.

1. Longer time in the global market 

iOS has been on the market for longer than the great Google platform, Android. This is an advantage when programming because, having more time in the market, its frameworks and APIs have been able to evolve and adapt more to current market demand.

2. Highly expensive apps

Most Android based mobile applications are free available, but they are also advertising-rich that frequently disturb the users. If we don’t want to have the happy banners, we must pay for the application in question. Unlike Android and other platforms, applications are paid on iOS. This has benefits as we will get a greater benefit in an app created in iOS, in addition to not having advertising on it.

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3. Fast-pace development

Initially, development of applications in iOS is more complex, since the Java programming language in Android, for example, which is known worldwide, is used. Still, according to mobile application developers, once you learn to develop with iOS, it is much faster to create mobile applications than on any other platform. Fragmentation has a very important role in this aspect.

4. No fragmentation 

In iOS we will only create applications for the iPhone, only for one type of device. Developers should not adapt each application to different Android mobile devices or any platform. In addition, they can always program with the latest software update available without worrying about whether the application will be supported with that version. Perhaps this is the most relevant difference or benefit of iOS programming compared to other platforms.

5. Better development software 

Programmers may find cheaper development on Android as it is open source and we do not need any specific equipment for it. Still, the iOS’s benefit over development software is greater. There is no device fragmentation in iOS and the tools are more worked and are going better.

Bottom Line

This post has listed the core main benefits of creating iOS applications compared to other mobile platforms. You will have noticed that all along we have been comparing iOS with Android. In fact, both operating systems are the most used today by most of us, occupying the largest mobile market share between the two. If you want more relevant information, stay with the reliable and trusted IOS App Development Company In Dubai, Digital Graphiks!

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