Top 3 Foosball Tables of 2019

Foosball Tables


“I’m obsessed with Foosball, it’s been my whole life” this is Tony Spredeman’s statement on Foosballers, a documentary on Table Soccer which is popularly known as Foosball.  He is a world champion and considered to be the best Foosball player of this generation. The release of the documentary paved a way for Foosball to be rediscovered by both noobs and players of the sport.

But what is Foosball? In the 70’s, it was a sport in the United States with a massive following which resulted in a million-dollar tour for its professional players. But unlike Football, its popularity was not sustained.  It is no longer included in the top ten sports in the US, and very few plays professionally for Foosball.

Perhaps its golden years are just a distant memory, but there are still people like Tony who finds it interesting. Nowadays, Foosball is being enjoyed as a game rather than a sport. A lot of schools, clubs, and corporate organizations have Foosball tables available for anyone to play.  And it is not exclusive for public places because as an indoor sport, you can have fun with it in the comfort of your home.

And if you are looking to buy one, read further to check our top picks for the best foosball table.



Tornado Foosball Tables are said to be the best choice for the majority.  The brand is living up to its promises to deliver quality tables for more than 45 years now. Their selling points are their product’s durability and clean designs which make the prices a bit steep. Plus, the craftsmanship of Tornado tables are engineered for greater stability and purpose to avoid any issues with table rocking or sticking. They have a variety of tables that you can choose from depending on how you intend to play, and these are The Classic, The Elite and The Sport. For recreational purposes you can settle with the Classic and Elite though the latter one is more suitable for a higher level of performance such as tournaments. The Sport on the other hand is a top choice for household for its affordable and sturdy design for ball control.  



Sportcraft Foosball Tables are invested in both aesthetic design and functionality. Most of the tables are made of wood but with rods that are easy to move which makes it popular for a household purchase. It is also way more affordable compared to other brands in the market, but it still serves its purpose. Compared to Tornado, the materials are not as high quality, but they balance it with key features for each of their tables. For example, Sportcraft Stadium has a conventional rounded toes, and though it is counterbalanced the main highlight is, it is entirely made of wood which makes it heavy and fitting for intense plays. Another one is their Sportcraft Hartford that even though the quality is not that great, they made the leg levelers adjustable to match the players preference, an option that is not available to some foosball tables. 



Halex Foosball Tables are from the oldest player in the market that has been operating for more than 80 years. The brand’s main focus was Table Tennis, and eventually they ventured to other table games including Foosball. Their tables are artistically done and paired with materials of superior quality. These are the combined qualities of Tornado and Sportcraft which makes it a steal.  Another notable detail is that their wood material has an internal damage protection that would keep the tables from any fungal attack, and the likes.


Foosball is definitely a thriving sport. And as a game, it might not be for everyone, but it sure has its own market, and it would not fade in time. If you have read this far, it means you are interested, so go play Foosball and take our reviews into consideration. 

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