10 best 90s makeup looks you should try in 2022

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Remember the time when spider lashes weren’t considered untidy, and heart-thumping brick brown lips with darkened outliers were on-trend? Yeah, you’ve guessed it right, I’m talking about old lovely 90s makeup trends.

If you are like me, regularly keeping up with fashion trends, you may have noticed some of the popular makeup looks of the 90s are again making their appearance nowadays. Though with a slight twist, these trends offer sweet nostalgia to beauties who lived their golden age in the 90s.

And if you are interested in knowing what they are, the post is right in front of you. Here, give ten benchmarking 90s makeup looks reappearing in the beauty industry, and you should try them in 2022.

90s Makeup trends In 2022

●    Body Glitters

Espoused by 90s fashion icons Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Drew Barrymore, this highlighted body makeup look of the 90s is on trend again, all thanks to TikTok makeup artists.

Fun and sparkly, body glitters are easy to pull off by anyone. In 2022, this trend gives your outfit a cute and elegant edge. When applying these shiny particles, always remember that less is more.

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Use fingertips to put glitters on the body parts you want to highlight. On the face, the best place to use body glitters is where you wear your highlighter, i.e., cheekbones, brow bones, or eyelids. Moreover, the collarbone and down the forearms can also be an ideal place.

●    Blue Shadow

Blue on the eyelid was all over the 90s, worn by everyone back then. The trend had a negative rep then due to the available colors being frosty and awkward. But now, there are so many brands providingmakeup products with elegant jewel-tone tints that can strike a beautiful look. A blue shadow has particularly made its place in the listings of beauty products online available.

You can make the best use of this revisiting trend by experimenting with bright cyan, sparkled navy, teal, and cerulean. The modern version has left the ice behind, replaced by richer tones of the blue. Versatile and Paradisal, this trend gives your outfit pop.

Smear over the waterline or draw just a blue line or over staggering smoky eyes or just a blue line over the lash line; put on this trend whichever way you want. Few designers have already given this trend a new twist by wearing blue lashes.

●    Spider Lashes

Spider eyes are nowadays considered a horrible outcome of applying mascara that makes them stick together and appear clumsy and horrendous. But back in the 90s, they were a show-stopping trend. You can improve your lifestyle as per your needs as well.

The ultra-long lashes were the first crush of 90s girls, and you can easily replicate this trend with faux lashes. Just cluster them and stick them together with a heavy dose of mascara.

●    Brick Brown Lips

Kids who grew up in the 90s remember actresses and supermodels wearing flat brick brown lipsticks in various finishes, from shimmery, metallic, glossy, to creamy. A rich type of brown, worn in lighter, brighter hues, can make you a center of attraction.

Brick is a versatile shade that can be intensified with deeper, richer versions. And when worn with your favorite little black dress, they can cast a bolt-striking effect. A bold yet dark shade can be a perfect tool to spice up our lives to match Pop culture.

Though brick brown lipsticks are still available in the market. There are many brands that offerbeauty products in South Africa. So finding perfect shade brick brown lipstick won’t be a hassle.

●    Pastel Lids

Pastels are infiltrating the fashion industry again. Though they can appear chalky and washed out in photos, worn in the right way, they can complement your skin tone and eye color.

Looks still stunning when worn all over the lid, from lashes to the right below the brow. Usually paired with luminous skin and glossy lips, this playful 90s makeuptrend is again becoming cool.

●    Glossy Lips with Liner

Glossy lip with liner was one of the signature 90s makeup trends, and this is slowly making a comeback. This time, it’s easy to update with various colors and shades available in the market, so it’s pleasant to experiment with bolder and rich hues of liners.

Overlining lips slightly with brown lip liner and filling the lip with nude or brown lip gloss are the surefire way to achieve ultimate pout.

If you don’t wanna make your lips super sticky with a lip gloss, go for a nude or brown lipstick lighter in the shade than the lip liner. And coat a lip balm over the lipstick for a glossy look.

●    Natural Matte-finish Skin

In the 90s, makeup looks were more focused on eyes and lips. And that’s why the face often used to be left with a matte finish. The glass skin might be a thing in the present, but this doesn’t mean the matte finish has become the past. It is still relevant and trending.

To recreate the look, keep your face makeup neutral. Use a matte liquid foundation and a brightening concealer to get a flawless even base. Dab some setting powder to set your makeup for an even more matte look.

Make sure you opt for tinted finishing powder rather than traditional chalky powders. Thanks to the best skin care products and makeup products, achieving this matte look is effortless nowadays.

●    Pencil Thin Eyebrows

Along with every other 90s makeup trend, this one too is one making its way again currently. The look was super controversial back in the 90s. Many people had complained about the damage of their brows due to the overplucking.

But professionals are excited about this trend. The thin eyebrows look sculpted, sleek, and incorporate brow lamination.

If you want to try this trend but are not sure to stay committed to it, you can try dabbing some concealer on the unwanted hair of your brow, making it look thin. Make sure you are not using a brush to spread the concealer as it may not give a seamless result.

●    Smudged Eyes

This re-emerging makeup trend from the 90’s decade is all about making glam look with grungy eyes. The look makes you as smoky and rock and rolls as possible.

To create this look, use a small eyeshadow brush, use the eyeshadow that is the same color as the pencil. Roll the pencil over to create an even more smudge look. And apply liner to the inside water line and between every lash to create an intense density.

●    Overdrawn Lips

Twenty years ago, everyone from prom queens to pop stars could be seen with overdrawn lips. Nowadays, as 90s makeup trends are getting a second wind, this trend is also back. And this time with a more subtle finish.

To achieve a natural version of this look, use the lip liner a few shades darker than your lip color. Lips lined in a darker color and left neutral in the center can make them look popping, and your pout looks fuller.

What makeup looks were popular in the 90s?

For the fashion industry, the 90s era was experimentative. From outfits to makeup looks, everything was getting a new twist. In the makeup industry, grungy eyeliner, brick brown lips, frosted blue eyeshadow, and body glitters were more popular back then.

How do you do 90s makeup?

In the 90s, makeup looks were more focused on lips and eyes, and the face was usually left with flat, matte makeup. To recreate the look, use a light moisturizer, thin layer a medium-coverage foundation, hide spots with concealing, and apply setting powder, leaving your skin look natural and no-makeup-ish.

What hairstyles were popular in the 90s?

The five best hairstyles that were popular in the 90s and could come back in 2022 are:

  • The Pixie
  • The Bob
  • Tendrils
  • Pigtails
  • The Rachel

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