Tips to consider when planning a wedding event in 2022

Tips to consider when planning a wedding event in 2022

Are you planning a wedding in 2022 in Singapore? If so, then remember COVID is not over yet. It’s affecting old people, youngsters, and even kids too. That is why you have to keep your loved ones safe from this virus.

So, finally, have you decided to tie in a knot during this time? Well, the first thing you do is choose an event management company in Singapore or nearby areas. Moreover, keep your eyes, ears, and mind open when choosing an organization.

Well, we are going to discuss major factors you need to consider while planning a wedding event in Singapore in 2022. Have a look!

Major Factors To Consider For A Wedding Event in 2022

1. Virtual Event Arrangements for Guests 

Well, this may seem rude but it’s true that everyone can’t attend your wedding. So, as per the Covid situation, you can try to opt for a virtual event in Singapore for your wedding. Moreover, we will explain this with an example. 

For instance, if your cousin lives in Amsterdam or any other region, it won’t be possible for them to travel with the risk of COVID. So, in this situation, you can conduct a virtual wedding ceremony which allows them to see all the events on their phone or computers. 

So, you can ask an event management company to arrange a virtual event for your guest living far away. 

2. Ensure Vaccination of Guest

No matter whether a guest is your family or a friend, make sure everyone has completed their vaccination. This should be a basic rule of your wedding in 2022. As you know, until 2022, almost everyone has completed their two vaccine doses, so make this a rule to show a vaccination certificate while entering a venue. 

Following this will protect your loved ones and ensure safety in an event. If people are vaccinated then there are few chances to get infected from the virus. It means this will help your guests to feel secure in the wedding hall. 

If we talk about vaccination, all countries made it compulsory for citizens to go through two vaccine doses. 

3. Mask is Mandatory 

It’s a common thing but still uncommon for many people. After knowing that mask will still save you, people ignore wearing it. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states every individual must wear a mask for their surroundings’ safety. So, ensure that every guest is wearing a mask, and event organizers check whether people are wearing a mask or not. 

Make your guests remember that wearing a mask would not cost a penny but ensure your safety. Also, it prevents guests from getting infected while attending large public gatherings. Whether your guests are partially or fully vaccinated, make sure everyone is wearing a mask. 

Moreover, it decreases the risk of transmission of a dangerous SARS-CoV-2. So, according to CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated people should wear a mask in outdoor places. 

4. Ensure Everyone Follows Safety Protocols 

COVID situation is still uncertain; nobody knows what will happen next month. So, make sure guests at the wedding event should be concerned about their health. For this, you should hire an event management company in Singapore. They work with their expertise and must have experience arranging many wedding events during pandemic times (2020 and 2021). 

Moreover, check out whether an organizer is following health and safety measures or not. You should communicate with the event organizer about health and safety from time to time. It will help to make a wedding event successful in 2022. 

5. Checkout Space

In the end, you need to understand that a large event demands a huge space. In 2022, guests want to visit an event or space with proper social distancing arrangements. 

For example, as you are aware that COVID has given rise to the rule of social distancing to ensure that in your wedding venue. If you have 200 guests, choose an event venue with 450 or 500 guests. 

Moreover, try to choose an outdoor space rather than a small or cozy indoor venue (until or unless you are inviting less than 20 people)

Make your event planner memorize about the 2-meter social distance rule. It will help in decreasing the chances of spreading COVID or more dangerous mutants of coronavirus. Also, 50% capacity for guests in a wedding hall is allowed. So make a guest list and choose a venue as per the COVID-19 guidelines. 


It’s good news that you or your loved one are getting married in 2022. This year allows you to enjoy the functions well and invite more guests than the year 2020 and 2021. We hope you choose the right event management company in Singapore to plan a wedding. The above-listed tips will prepare you for challenges while finding the right match.

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