Worst Fashion Trends You’ll Never Adopt

worst fashion trends

In this continuously evolving world, fashion trends come and go. Some leave a memorable mark, while some of them leave us bewildered and make us question their existence. I’ve come across such trends, and believe me when I say I just could not bear with them. Not every fashion trend should be adopted, some exist to just stay there and not be tried at all. I’m not gaslighting you because you’ll repeat the same words when I mention such trends in this blog.

Trends That Exist to Not Be Adopted at All

Stay here and take notes on some worst fashion trends to stay safe from them.

Saggy Pants from The 90s

No one can convince me that this trend is a good one because it’s not. No one wants to see you cleaning sidewalks with your jeans. No one wants to see the amount of squats you’ve been doing or if you’ve skipped leg day. It is basic human ethics to keep your jeans up and not let them go down as it’s not cool but rather funny and gross. Sometimes humans who design these trends make me question even if they are one.

Crocs from the 2000s

Crocs were never cool for me. I hated them with all I had. They might’ve been successful with the popular collaborations they had, but they just couldn’t convince me or many more otherwise. They are still considered to be one of the worst fashion trends ever. People might gaslight you into thinking that they’re ‘comfortable’ or ‘breathable’ and all, but there are many more options that provide these privileges. So do yourself a favor and never get your hands on them, never at all.

Drop-Crotch Trousers from the 2000s

Do you hate social gatherings? Would you want to not get invited to them anymore? Why not try on drop-crotch trousers? These would ensure your absence at every next gathering. A super ultra-fast way to avoid people. If you’re struggling to find a place on a bus, it would help people to stay away from you too, it’s rather a weird hack than a trend.

Mullet Haircut from the 80s

In the 1980s, this haircut spread like wildfire over the US, UK, and Australia. I’m not sure if people were rational at the time or if they were still traumatized by World War 2. They were daring to accept that hairdo, though. It’s quite strange how this hairstyle looks. It’s a haircut, then a short haircut on the front and a lengthy haircut on the rear; individuals require counseling.

Lace-Up Jeans from the 2000s

I need to know who came up with this. You’re now questioning my patience. This trend gained popularity in the early 2000s, and I can’t seem to get my head around it, as it’s weird in a bad way. It’s followed by lace on the part where you usually see a button on jeans, as it’s quite a hassle, no? Do yourself a favor and get button-up jeans like a normal sane human being.

Distressed Shirts from the 1980s

Wearing distressed shirts isn’t the work of a sane person, it’s like you have to be insane to do that. Why do you want holes in your shirt? That is quite unethical and unpleasant to the eyes. Culture appropriation at its worst. Not to mention, it is also a waste of resources. We should be promoting sustainable fashion instead of buying clothes that are meant to look worn out. Ultimately, it is better to invest in quality garments that will last longer.

Popcorn Shirts from the 2000s

These shirts were in the hype in the 2000s. With their thin, stretchy fabric, these shirts looked like they had popcorn kernels all over them when they expanded. The style is quite weird and doesn’t make sense to me, rather cringe. I can say that these shirts have become a thing of the past and are now considered to be outdated. I’m glad that fashion has evolved since then, and I’m sure that these shirts will never make a comeback.

Deep V-neck T-shirts for Men from the 2000s

These look horrible, absolutely horrible! You don’t want men dressed up as girls now, come on? Wear a suit instead. These shirts are so disturbing, uncomfortable, not unique, and unpleasant to look at. I don’t even know who had the audacity to make this t-shirt for men. Horrible choice.


These are some of the worst fashion trends that shouldn’t be adopted at all. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them, for your sake, as it’s only going to be a means of laughing for people. So help yourselves and enjoy some trends that are actually good!