Six Different Ways to do Workout With Just One Dumbbell

One Dumbbell

Not everyone gets the luxury of training in a gym loaded with a row of dumbbells at their disposal. Not everyone gets the chance of doing luxury training at home with a few adjustable dumbbells.

A majority of people have only a pair of adjustable dumbbells in their homes. While others have one dumbbell in their homes. While growing up with a single dumbbell, I figured out how to train with it, and can you do so. 

Having one dumbbell isn’t so bad provided it is made by a reliable adjustable dumbbells manufacturer. It makes you creative and you realize you get the chance of thinking out of the box. Due to a lack of resources, I am now very good at thinking out of the box to make my life convenient for me.

Similarly, you can also do the workout without worrying about the latest fitness equipment items such as a weight bench. If it’s there its fine, if not, you can still do the workout. Live within the given means and I assure you, you can go places.

So, let’s dive in! The following are some exercises you can do exercise with only one dumbbell:

Dumbbell One-Armed Hanging Snatch

Stand with a single dumbbell in your one hand with feet slightly wider compared to shoulder-width apart. Hold your adjustable dumbbell in a way that your arm is hanging straight down between your legs, and your palm facing inward towards your body’s back. 

Squat down until knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Hold your other arm behind your back or off the side for balance. Use a pelvic hip thrust to push up explosively out of the squat and lift the dumbbell in a straight-line motion towards your head.

Bend elbows as you continue to lift the dumbbell towards your head. Remember, keep the dumbbell close but not very close to the body. Keep raising the dumbbell and past your head until your arms are straight above your head.

From this position, continue the motion in reverse. Now bring the dumbbell back to starting position and ensure to lower yourself back into the squat position.

Dumbbell One-Armed Hanging High Pull

This exercise movement is similar to the snatch. However, you should stop the movement as the dumbbell gets closer to your chest. Imagine it as an explosive upright row. Make sure you squeeze your lats as you bring the dumbbell to the top position.

Dumbbell One-Armed Step Ups

Stand as if you are facing a chair, bench, or sturdy object with an adjustable dumbbell in your hand. Place one foot on the weight bench, press the bench with your foot to bring the body up, and place the other foot on the bench.

Now both of your feet should be on the weight bench. Step down with an initial foot, and follow up with the other. Now, step back up with your second foot, and follow up with the first foot.

Basically, you are alternating between which foot you step up with first. As one dumbbell will offset your gravity, this movement will be a bit tough and will engage abdominals more than the two-dumbbell version.

Assure to switch hands with the dumbbell after every few repetitions.

Dumbbell One-Armed Military Press

This is quite a simple exercise to execute. You most likely will need to kick off at a lighter weight than you would have with two dumbbells. Hold a single dumbbell with one hand and go up to your shoulder.

Press the dumbbell over your head. Pause, and then return to the starting position. You can either do this either seated or standing. Each version has its advantage and disadvantage.

One-Armed Clean and Press

This is an explosive movement. Begin the way you would have performed with a snatch or high pull. Perform this movement as if you will hang a snatch. However, instead of returning the dumbbell to the initial position, rotate your elbow so that it’s facing in front of you.

There is a “catch.” When you pull the dumbbell from the floor, your elbow is towards the side. Simply rotate your elbow so that it will point towards the front of your body.

This is the “clean” portion of the exercise movement. At this point, the dumbbell should be at your shoulder level. From here, perform a one-armed military press described above and then return to your starting position.

One Dumbbell Golf Squat

Grab a dumbbell through the handle with both hands. Squat down low so that your dumbbell is hanging between your legs. Squat back up with your twisted torso and driving the dumbbell up to the right shoulder.

Keep your arms straight all through this movement. This is known as the ‘golf squat’ because it feels like you are swinging a golf stick during this movement. Perform it at alternate sides and explosively.

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