5 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins to Watch Out in 2021

lead generation plugins

Are you an avid digital marketer looking for the best lead generation plugins for WordPress or WooCommerce Platforms?

Using the right lead generation tool would help you get an enormous number of customers and generate sales to boost your business to the next level.

Let’s take a look at some of the best lead generation plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce Platforms to help you improve your marketing strategy. 

What is Lead Generation? 

Lead generation refers to acquiring the interests of potential customers. It can be conducted in several different ways.

The lead generation would be used as a mean to get visitors to your website via:

  • Join your email newsletter.
  • Place & Submit a contact or inquiry form on your site.
  • Contact an agent at your company using live chat.
  • Q/A with a chatbot (automated chat)
  • Call your sales team or make an appointment with them.

Lead generation is an essential aspect of every online business. It also seems to be a vital ingredient to have a robust process to transform leads into customers. However, most businesses tend to get an enormous amount of leads at the very first glance.

Whether, if you run a nonprofit, lead generation terms & conditions. It can help you to get an extensive amount of donations and extra support. The sole purpose is to share next-level WordPress lead generation plugins that you can use to boost your business to the next level.

Other lead generation tools include just sharing a list of plugins that do a similar instance. Instead, we are focusing on lead generation from an all-inclusive point of view. Likewise, in the lead generation solution category, we share an expert guide with a particular option for the particular category. It assists us in keeping this list as comprehensive without causing any diversion or specific delusions and more.

Here is a list of top 5 WordPress Lead Generation Plugins to watch out In 2021 

WP Contact Slider

WP Contact Slider is an easy-to-use and effective contact slider that shows Contactform7, Gravity forms, Ninja forms, WP Forms, Caldera forms, Constant Contact Form, or view random text or HTML.

WP Contact Slider can get integrated into any form you want, and it also creates multiple sliders to view or choose posts and pages. Significantly, you can select various positions where you would like to display your contact button. It also provides selective choices to tailor the full slider’s color scheme with easy-to-use back-end panels.


  • Provides user access to create multiple sliders to display a selected amount of posts and pages.
  • Choose various positions where you want to showcase your contact button.
  • Modify the color scheme of the full slider.
  • WP contact slider displays a plain text or HTML file format.
  • It supports shortcodes for Gravity Forms, Contacts Form 7, WP Forms, Caldera Forms, Constant Contact Forms, and myCred.

Gravity Forms 

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin mainly used with contact forms. However, it enables site users to build forms to gather a sufficient amount of information in a more general sense. Gravity Forms can get integrated with contact forms for creating WordPress posts, calculators, recruitment apps, and much more.

It uses PHP that comes with several pre-built WordPress functions and features to empower its form builder. It also uses a similar MySQL database system, such as WordPress, although it stores each form and entry in its tables.


  • Easy to use, robust, and aesthetically designed forms.
  • It comprises 30+ Built-in Form fields.
  • Supports Conditional Logic to configure your form.
  • Simple & Easy-to-Use Payment Gateway Integrations

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce extension helps you convert your store visitors into a potential customer by implementing a notion of the “Wheel of Fortune” feature on your website. Using Spin Wheel for WooCommerce, you can quickly boost sales to retain customers and increase sales by providing discounts systematically and engagingly.

The customizable wheel gives an all-inclusive authority using the text and color options to match the site’s themes. Are you looking to make it more attractive and engaging? Incorporate additional wheel plugins, along with a particular pricing package.

If you are looking to retain your customers, you must configure the wheels’ display on the exit intent. The users get an option to spin the wheel before leaving the desk. You can even set up the time duration by which the wheel displays.


  • Spin Wheels using the Pop-up window appears on the right corner side of the screen. The events get triggered on this pop-up window.
  • Implement or Remove Unrestricted wheel parts.
  • Spin Wheels are Completely Customizable.
  • Admin can view the changes made on the wheel before making it live.
  • Analyze the essential aspects of the wheel – usage, visuals, and discount coupons.
  • Focus on particular pages or types of posts to increase revenue and sales.
  • Enable or disable the sound of the spin wheel.
  • Enable or disable the snowfall animation effect on the spin wheel.
  • Measure the display to the exit intent.
  • Adjust the duration of the coupon.
  • Adjust the placement of the text.
  • Adjust the winning text and relevant text.
  • After successful spins, the pop-up gets restricted.
  • Triggers Spin Wheel for desktop & mobile platforms.
  • Automated WooCommerce Coupons.
  • Free & Instant Downloads.
  • Completely Responsive & Functionality


OneSignal enables you to implement push notifications to your WordPress site. The push notifications are displayed on the user’s desktop or in the notification area on their mobile platform. They are considered a highly effective way to transform site visitors into loyal customers. 

The visitors are permitted to receive push notifications by clicking on the button. OneSignal makes it relatively easy to build push notifications. You have to create an account and install the plugin. 

Using OneSignal, you can tune how your push notifications are visualized on the screen. For Example, you can display a prompt after a specific number of page views or after a visitor has landed on your site for a particular period. 


  • Redisplays in App Messages
  • Builds Segments & Monitor Results using In-App Messages
  • Supports Two Factor Authentication
  • Pauses Automated Messages
  • Update Tags by External ID API
  • New API for the released outputs

myCred Spin Wheel

myCred Spin Wheel is a resource-oriented gamification addon that enables site visitors to test their luck by spinning the tailor-made spin wheel. The site visitors can set up multiple slices on the wheel based on how you want to reward your users.

This extension enables you to improve website engagement via presenting a fun and exciting gamification element on your WordPress site that provides free spins and a lot more.


  • Adjusts Unlimited Slices
  • Complete Control on Layout
  • Provides Free Spin
  •  Supports Shortcode
  • Display Spin Wheel on any Specific Page

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, lead generation plugins are essential tools to help you improve your marketing strategy to the next level. Hence, WordPress’s plugins, as mentioned above, are efficient resources that provide enormous methods to stay updated with market trends, increases conversions, and generates revenue. 


Anas Dilshad is a Digital Marketing Expert at wpexperts.io. I like to spend my time reading books, and it develops my knowledge on various topics. It also helps me in connecting with the digital world. I love to create content on WordPress and WooCommerce to convert my experience into blogging

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