Do You like Speed? Get Dressed to Witness the Spectacle at a Drag Racing Event!

drag racing event

Everyone visualizes their vacation in Hawaii to be about surfing, fishing, hiking, whale watching, lazing on the beach, and more. Or, they think of scenic aerial tours. Essentially, everything revolves around the tropical treasures of the island destination. Of course, the richness of the natural wonders is the primary reason behind Hawaii’s tranquility. Amid them, age-old cultural nuances feel like a cherry on the top – the much-needed human touch in a divine-like experience to help you enjoy reality. However, what if someone told you this serene and essentially countryside destination also gives you a taste of urban culture on its drag racing tracks? Americans have grown up seeing the glorification of street automobile racing events in media and movies. You can experience it live even in Hawaii, miles away from your home.

Do you want to add this option to your itinerary? Let’s figure out clothing choices and the drag racing strips to visit for a thrill-filled day.

What do you wear to drag racing?

These events showcase the shared passion for the sport and camaraderie between competitors. Amid the high-octane drama of revving engines and the pungent stench of the burning rubber, the energetic cheerleading by spectators as the cars speed up adds another layer of excitement to the entire atmosphere. Hence, giving your best shot at such an event makes sense. Let your buoyant energy vibe with the crowd. All you need is a nice casual T-shirt and comfy shorts. Check collections at If you know about drag strip racing already, you must have heard about the legendary Lions Drag Strip or Fremont Drag Strip. You can wear one of those printed T-shirts to the venue. These choices can help you strike up conversations with other car racing fans. You can round up your look with a cap and sneakers.

Where do you go for a drag racing event?

Three tracks are interesting – Kauai Raceway Park, Maui Raceway Park, and Hilo Dragstrip. Hilo Dragstrip also has another name, the Pana‘ewa Drag Strip. It started in 1978 in Hilo, Hawaii, in the southeast. It hosts events like BIAC Tommy Thompson Labor Day Drags and BIAC Memorial Day Drags, which see participation from racers of big leagues. A nonprofit corporation supervises the Kauai track and features various events, including junior dragsters, street-legal cars, and expert-level race cars. Likewise, Maui also belongs to a nonprofit organization. It opened in 1963 to help racers fulfill their love for speed in a safe environment. Before visiting these places, check their official website or social media pages for event information.

Your visit to Hawaii can be more than beaches, sunsets, and shopping. If you want to feel an adrenaline rush without actively participating in an activity, drag racing strips in Hawaii can satisfy your needs. So, get casual but cool clothes that convey emotions and enjoy the time. After leaving the racing track, you can retreat to a tranquil beach to calm down and let the evening breeze soothe your racing mind. The serenity will again transport you back to the heavenly state.