Choose the best window treatment depending on the direction the windows are facing

window treatment

Selecting window treatments when you are looking at shade, shutters, and blinds is about functionality as much as it is about style and blending with the décor. It depends on the space available around the window to aptly fit the window treatments and also the direction in which the window is facing to ensure that it always gives the best cover. Irrespective of the size of the room, the décor, or the size and placement of windows, you can choose from a range of blinds, shades, and shutters. 

When the window is North facing

North facing windows generally open to cold air and depending on the season there are pros and cons to them. In the summer months, it can cool the room, while during the winter months it will make the room chilly. A recommended and highly suited window treatment for managing the cold air in these rooms are the Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades. The cellular structure of the shades helps in trapping the air in distinct pockets which keep the room warm during winters and cool in the summers. 

window treatment

For rooms with French windows, bay windows, or casement windows, one can opt for layering with different types of window treatments with shades, shutters, and blinds. For a lot of protection, you can choose combi shades that offer the functionalities of blinds and shades.

When the window is South facing

South-facing windows attract sunlight and heat, which is good during the winter months, but for the rest of the year, they must be covered with sun-blocking blinds or shades to protect the furniture from being damaged or the room from overheating. You can choose Sunnex® Solid Core Poly Shutter, Faux Wood Blinds, or solar shades for such rooms. They will provide UV protection, reduce glare, and protect the room against heat loss. You can also opt for opaque window treatments among blinds and shades or Zebra Combi Shade ® that combine the ease of operations offered by roller shades and the dimension and textures of blinds for the best light control and privacy.

When the window is East-facing

East-facing windows are subject to bright sunlight and direct streaming of harsh UV rays that could harm the furniture and cause the fabric of sofas, settees, and carpets to fade. The ideal window treatment for east-facing rooms among shades, shutters, and blinds is the ones that diffuse light, reduce glare, and cut out harmful UV rays while allowing natural light into the room. Solar gain from the extra brightness of the morning sun is beneficial during winters, but in summer it can heat the room. The ideal window treatment will provide optimum solar heat control for which you can select Solar shades, Zebra Combi Shade that combines the benefits and ease of operation of blinds and shades, or Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings. You can layer the window with plantation shutters and woven wood shades for ambient lighting and give the room a soft glow. 

When the window is West facing

Although west-facing windows do not get direct sunlight, whatever sunlight enters the room is the warmest and affects the temperature inside the room. Using Sunnex® Solid Core Poly Plantation Shutter, natural wood horizontal blinds or solar shades can help in regulating the room heat.  You can select sheer material to ensure the room is well-lit while controlling the amount of heat that gets trapped in the room. Layering the room with shutters and blinds, blinds, and shades combination alternatives or shutters and shades can help in having more effective control of the lighting in the room through a controlled opening or closing of the vanes and slats.  

Depending on your budget, you can go for cordless or fully automated shades, shutters, and blinds. You can maneuver the degree to which the slats may be opened and how much sunlight or heat should be let into the room to create the right ambiance. Depending on whether the window is street-facing or garden-facing, the opacity of the materials and width of the slats can be decided to ensure that one gets privacy and a comfortable view of the outside. The important thing behind choosing shutters, blinds, or shades is to find the right functionality and design to complement the room’s décor.

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