Winbitx – a Wise Way of Investing in Online Trading

Winbitx – a Wise Way of Investing in Online Trading

If you have ended up here looking for a reliable way for performing online trades, then you have come at the right place. Today, I am talking about one of the most reliable and surprisingly lucrative online trading exchange, Winbitx. It is an exchange that has gained tremendous adoption and popularity for the way it has been serving its users. Stay tuned with me in this Winbitx review so you get to learn how it would prove a wise decision to trade through this exchange.

Compliance with Regulations

Winbitx’s regulatory compliance is truly remarkable, as it ensures it fully adheres to the regulatory policies including KYC and AML. The exchange does it so the investors get to trade in the securest and the safest trading environment.

List of Trading Products You Have Access to

If you choose to go with Winbitx, then the first advantage you would have is access to all major products offered in online trading. These major products include cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, stocks, and commodities. The teams at the exchange are experts in dealing with each product and have so much to share, as well as guide you along your trading activities.

Trading Account Options

As you decide to trade with Winbitx, you are offered with number of trading accounts that you can choose to trade with. To your utmost surprise, the exchange offers seven types of trading accounts, each serving traders with different trading experience. Each account comes with different minimum deposit requirement and based on the deposit, you gain access to more services. At Winbitx, you also have the opportunity to have an Islamic account, allowing you to trade as per the Sharia guidelines.

List of Services You Are Entitled for

As you set up an account at Winbitx, you gain access to several general services provided the exchange. Some of the major/general services include all trading assets, educational program, leverage, customized account, risk free trades, webinar access, and market reviews.

Furthermore, you are entitled for real time support from account managers, personal assistant, trading specialist, and dedicated account specialist.

Trading Platforms and Their Availability

Winbitx provides you with two trading platforms that include MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These platforms are considered top class in the online trading industry. They offer one of the most user-friendly trading and customizable interface. Major services these platforms offer include trading signals, multi-language support, advanced charts, advanced graphs, historical reports, and algorithmic trading. 

You will be surprised to see that the particular trading platforms can be accessed through desktops, web, smartphones, and tablets/ipads. 

Education is a Must from Winbitx

Winbitx pays very close attention towards grooming your trading capabilities and the way you manage trading markets. Therefore, it has introduced extensive educational content in the form of different components, each based on the preference of investors. Winbitx’s educational content includes components such as ebooks, seminars, webinars, one-on-one training, glossary, and trading academy.

Trading Tools for Offering More Support

If you thought that live support & educational content was all that Winbitx offers, then you have another shocker. Winbitx offers trading tools on top of all the support it already provides you. These tools can play a huge role in clearing out any confusions or complexities while you perform trades and look at market trends. The purpose of the tools is also to keep you updated with latest market trends and situations that can impact the assets. At present, the trading tools Winbitx offers include risk management, live charts, asset index, trader’s guide, market analysis vides, and economic calendar, among others. 

Deposits and Withdrawals Couldn’t Get Any Easier

For you to become part of Winbitx, the initial minimum deposit you are required to make is €1,000 or $10,000. You can choose to make the deposit via bank wire, via credit/debit cards, or via cryptocurrency wallets. As for withdrawals, you can refer to the same payment methods and it can take up to 7 working days for money to reflect in your preferred account.

Customer Support Offered by Winbitx

The customer support you are entitled for at Winbitx is 24/6. This means that you can call their support any time from Monday to Saturday. Their team is experienced and professional in dealing with your problems in the most effective manner. You can reach out to them via email, via phone, and via chat support.

So You Feel Compelled to Invest?

It is true that these words may sound very promising and it may seem that the online trading industry is easy to make profits from. However, it is not the case at all as just like the rest of the industries, online trading industry also requires hard work and dedication. If you think it is going to be an easy gig, then you either need to change your mind or you need to move on to a different industry. 

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