Why Invest In Custom Pie Boxes?


Boxes Packaging meets the requirements of these high-quality pie brands who require durability and beauty on their products packaging. They offer customized solutions for various pipe sizes, including: Mini pies, pie halves, round pies, fluted pies, square pies, parties, bundt cakes, and specialty pies. Their unique, attractive, and creative designs will complement your marketing materials and enhance sales. For corporate advertising campaigns and sales incentives, Boxes Packaging is the choice for every business.


Their products are made of high quality, commercial-grade 100% vinyl, which is durable, strong, and has no softness or blemish. Because each box is individually packaged by the manufacturer, you know that nothing will go wrong during your distribution or delivery process. Boxes Packaging guarantees free shipping anywhere in the United States. With a simple touch of a button, you can have your pie sent to your door. No minimum order is required for free design and free shipping.


Their freshness is also backed by FDA approved, pharmaceutical-grade, foiling technology that guarantees freshness for up to one month after opening. Their boxes are designed to be resistant to intense, extreme temperatures and moisture so you can ensure maximum freshness with each fresh product. These quality boxes will not change color with exposure to sunlight. That means no more pre-opening and post-opening shipping costs for your clients. Boxes Packaging will keep your fresh pie or cake at its original freshness for up to one month after opening.

Custom Pie Boxes

For a business that is known for its attention to detail and great customer service, you will appreciate their attention to detail as well. All of the standard features of standard custom pie boxes are available for small to large businesses. You have the option of multiple color options, multiple foiling patterns, or even a custom design with your logo or slogan. In addition to the standard features, you have the option of adding your own custom touches to your products. For example, if you are serving a particularly delicate dessert, you might want to consider adding a cute garnish like an eye-catching stemware.


When it comes to price, no business can afford to go without custom printed boxes. Boxes has affordable rates so you can keep your customer happy and your profits on the lower side. Not only do you get great quality and an affordable rate, but you can add-ons like free shipping or additional gift items as well. No other business offers such fantastic deals on their pie packaging supplies.

Boxes understands that pie products are delicate. Because of this, they take special care to ensure the highest level of protection. All of their pie box packaging is made of strong, thick cardboard and they are finished with a protective foil coating for added strength. These boxes come with a zipper closure, and most of them have an easily adjustable lid. These specially designed boxes make the perfect storage option for those who have limited counter space. They can be stacked on top of one another for optimal space management, and they are dishwasher safe, as well.

Attractive Manner

The perfect way to showcase your product is by using custom pie boxes to display your delicious desserts in an attractive manner. You can use a variety of unique shapes to attractively display your products, and you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of foiling patterns. There are a number of different designs, including animal shapes, flower patterns, as well as more standard shapes. Whether you choose to showcase a fruitcake, a sponge cake, or a basic sponge, you can be confident that your product will be displayed attractively, and you can rest assured that it will withstand the elements.

Confectionery Business

For any confectionery business, it is crucial that you protect your desserts from damage, so you should consider investing in custom pie boxes that are durable enough to keep your products fresh and free of damage. If you choose to use them for shipping, you can rest assured that your baked goods will be delivered to your clients without experiencing any unpleasant conditions. You can also ensure the safety of your desserts by investing in containers that have been specifically manufactured to be water-resistant.

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