What is Email? All detail about email with examples

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  • What is Email?
  • Email service providers.
  • Examples of Email service provider.
  • How to write an email?
  • Why we use Email?
  • Good impression through email.
  • Beware of unwanted emails.

What is Email?

Email stand for electronic mail. Email plays an important role in our daily life. To send and receive an email. You must have an email account on an email server. First of all when you open an email account. You have to find or you will get a unique email address.

You can make email address with a number or without number. It’s up to you. All email will receive on this account address. You can send email to others by specifying their email addresses. Here is the general format of an email address, By using this method you can get services of email.


When you make your email account with email id. Next, you have to create a password to secure your account.

User-name @ DNS Address


 [email protected]

 Any-name @gmail.com

Email service provider:

Here is the list of some websites that help you in email services. These website provide you free space on their website. It is different by all providers.

You can store your data easily on email.

  • Gmail
  • Zoho mail
  • Outlook.com or hotmail  
  • Mail.com   
  • Yahoo! mail   
  • GMX  
  • Proton mail  
  • Yandex mail  
  • AOL 
  • Tanota  
  • Cloud

How to write an email:

  • First of all open Gmail account on your system.
  • Click on Compose to send message.
  • Fill the entire given field such as subject.
  • Write all you want to send such as image, text, file, documents and CV etc.
  • In the end click on Send button.

Why we use email:

In this way messages are sending from one system to another. Sometimes you can send email through several systems or networks. There are many opportunities for sending and receiving email. Some types of computer systems have protections or security for their user privacy.

But it is still possible for a system administrator to read your emails. You can send and receive images, data, programs and word processing files or multimedia messages on email. You can send your business file on email.

This is the best way for communication in the new era.

Good impression through Email:

When you communicate with anyone, you have no idea about the user. So with a text file of notepad can create the wrong impression. So with email, you can communicate like a professional and can create a good impression. You can send all the detail of your business through email. You can also send your CV for the sake of a job. It is the best way to show your skills.

 Beware of unwanted emails:

There is less chance about email hack. But you can receive spam email that can destroy your data and account. Many people are working as spam on the Internet. You have to take care of your account by deleting the spam email you receive.

You try to stop it from being sent to you in the first place. Try to open the link of a stranger. As everything in the world has benefits and harms. It up to you to use email. You can use email for both purposes.

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