Most Alluring And Exotic Wedding Cake Trends

wedding cake trends

A wedding is apparently one of the essential phases of life. And, when the date of your life-changing moment is finalized there starts a hunt for all the prerequisites. Among them is the Wedding Cake! Modern weddings are no longer complete without cake cutting ceremony. In fact, cake cutting symbolizes the longevity and continuity of the wedding couple’s relationship. As cakes are one of those pleasant delights that are loved by one and all and there is no harm in indulging in these sweet delicacies.

Indian weddings have also introduced this tradition to cut a cake to celebrate the beautiful bond of a new relationship. So, let’s get started with your wedding cake search and be inspired by some of the most amazing ones trending these days.   

Fondant Cakes

Fondant cake is all about a wedding cake with a soft and exotic texture and taste that are best for sugar lovers due to its excess of sweetness. These fondant wedding cakes prove to be best for classic wedding cakes, having a smooth and silky finish. While we talk about the fondants, the Black one is one of the best 2019 wedding cake trends if you’re getting married in the winters. The black fondant can be easily toned down with the addition of softer details, such as hand-painted flowers, fresh blooms in pastel colors, gold leaf detailing, or drip icing. 

Glamorous Copper Details

Copper details are supposed to be one of the biggest wedding cake trends this year. Metallics are popping up in everything, so layers of cake are not aloof. With their very popularity, it is appropriate to say that this metallic hue will also be making an appearance on wedding cakes throughout the next year also. Copper’s rosy color elicits a more classy feel compared to traditional metallic tones, such as gold and silver, making it ideal for trendsetting couples. 

Flower Trail Wedding Cake

Flowers are always treated to be an integral part of weddings. Edible flowers as cake toppings, or cascading down the sides, look amazing. Flowers with their intricacy always put a hint of royalty to the cake. So keeping flowers as a theme of your wedding cake is always treated as a royal affair. With the current craze of floral forwarded cakes, it can be said that wedding cakes adorned with florals will never, ever go out of style! 

Pastel Cakes

After dominating the couture, Pastels are the latest trend and much sought after for the wedding cakes. Pastel colors have taken over the traditional tones. They can totally steal the show with their baby-soft hues, intricate designs, and amazing flavors. Simply, a touch of pastel on your wedding cake with fondant or hand-painted details will elevate your cake design with a fresh twist. 

Macaron Cakes

Many couples are preferring macaroons over traditional wedding cakes. They are not only more creative and chic but also macaroons come in various shapes and colors. Macarons are basically delicate French cookies —sophisticated little nuggets of sweetness that look gorgeous on a cake, whether cascading down the side or sitting pretty on top. It’s a sweet little surprise your guests won’t expect but will be thrilled to see on their plates! 

Fruit-Topped Cakes

Fresh Fruits are trending as the most popular garnish for buttercream cakes. The ideal fruits for topping can be figs, berries, cherries, citrus, miniature apples, plus many more.  These natural adornments on buttercream wedding cakes are ready to add another textural component throughout the coming months and surely going to woo your guests. 

Now you can acknowledge the fact that wedding decor trends and wedding cake trends go hand in hand, and 2019 is no different. Go for any of the wedding cake ideas as per your (would be a bridal couple) choices that your guests are sure to love! Winni is the pioneer in providing not just wedding cakes, but also all sorts of online cakes, flowers, gifts for any occasion or celebration. 

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