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Internet search is now prevailing in a high peak mode for all the business. The customers are more likely embracing the appealing images in the google search results. Yes, the value for image optimization is accruing in the SEO part. It’s very common that users prefer to click an image rather reading long flow paragraphs. By getting befitting images for the searches, users have more visibility towards the answer. If you have your own website with zero image content, then probably you are squandering the quality of the website.

Even though visual search technology is not at its total capability at present. The final image result depends on the content related to that image. With the necessary keyword input, it encodes the text associated with the image and understands the meaning for the search. To market the appealing product nowadays, internet trends, image submission is a necessary action to be taken in the SEO process.

Google always focuses on offering the user with unique images that should rely on their query. It means that Google dodges the publishing of the same pictures for multiple results. It may affect the user experience. So the search engine prefers to show the picture, which is a well qualified one and the picture itself as an answer to the user search. Further, they embrace with tags and markups to decode the search query to image as the answer.

Below are some simple yet effective tips to be handed out for better image search results

Avoid the existing pictures

Most of the website and blog users tend to pick an existing picture in Google and using for their site. This is the first fault in the quality of the website. By using other one’s pictures, the website will lose its originality and doesn’t stand out from the crowd of websites. So, if you want your website to get top rank in the image search results, then picking up stock photos is the first step to be avoided. Instead of using that kind of pictures, uploading your own original picture can make some sense. The more original pictures integrated with the site, the better your site will be elevated for image searches.

The quality of the uploading image is a somewhat important aspect, but not completely. Even a low-quality original image may be the consummate answer for any user query and it will be shown in the results. So here originality matters more than the quality aspects. To showcase the brand’s personality through advertisements for the audience, high quality, and unique images can be able to stand out from the bunch.

Optimizing process

Once you have selected the right suitable image for your content, then the next step is to optimize it for certain yardsticks.

Image SEO commence from the file name itself. The image file name is the key phrase to be focused, in which Google has to recognize it as the appropriate choice to show for the user search. So using a meaningful name that should be succinct meaning related to content is the best choice to launch the image inside the content.  

Scaling up the image

With the high-speed internet in every user’s mobile, everyone is expecting instant search result and avoids the bad responsive loading sites. This loading time is also an influential factor in the image SEO process. With large size images, site loading may get slowed down resulting in a bad response to the user search. So it is must to resize the image to optimum quality and size which should cover a maximum number of users. Resizing the image could not affect the quality. Optimum quality and size should be there for every image uploading in the site.

Avoid copyright issues

Yes, getting back away from the gratuitous copyright issues for the images can augment the quality of the website. This predicament may arise in situations like using any of the images from the stock to the existing relevant content and may lead to further risk. In case of using stock images for the website, you can prefer to use some distinctive sites which are providing exclusive image services. By accessing that website, one can find the most suitable images with the required quality for free of cost.

Select the file type to work

The image file type is also a consequential factor in the image SEO process. Typically, it is better to use the JPEG format for the optimization process. JPEG format can offer a quality image even when it goes for compress process. It can work with variants of colors, and shadows to expose the high-resolution image for multiple designs in the digital space. As a small size image can be universally accepted in the Google search, this format is a most preferred one.

Other than JPEG, PNG format is a widely used one which is used for downloading and editing in the Adobe Photoshop. It is often used for the logo image uploading, as the size is small with utmost quality.

GIF is one of the popular formats in the searches. It is actually an image which is known as Graphics Interchange Format. This kind of image is simply an animated clip that plays for a shorter duration. It is widely used for bite-sized entertainment purpose, especially in social media. This also can be used in nowadays trendy contents.

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