Easy Ways to Improve Any Costume


There are many reasons for you to wear a costume throughout the year, even though the most popular is Halloween, which is a time that you can dress up with your whole family. You may need a costume, however, for some type of cosplaying event, or you may need one for some type of costume party. Though there are many reasons, any event that requires a costume is a memorable one, and if you have a good costume, people are sure to talk about it. You can improve any costume that you need to wear to ensure people notice using the five tips below.

1. Wear Colored Contacts

Contacts can truly finish off your entire costume look to give you a more spooky vibe or even to give you an out-of-this-world look for others to behold. You can get red contacts, for instance, to pull off the look of some type of monster or even to present a vampire.

There are also solid white contacts if you want to look like an alien or one of your favorite characters from a movie or video game you play. There are even contacts that are made to look like certain animals, whether you are looking to go as some type of snake-like creature or looking to dress up as a cat.

2. Makeup that is Glow-in-the-Dark

Makeup is something that is necessary for any costume. If your event is at night or if it is a blacklight event in a dark setting, you should consider glow-in-the-dark makeup. The makeup will only show up when the black lights turn on, and there are some that only work under the glow of a certain type of LED light. You can even add some of this glow-in-the-dark look to your hair to really get one cohesive look that will wow others around you.

3. Smoke Effects

You have probably heard of a smoke machine like those that are seen at many concerts and even clubs. There are smaller smoke machines, however, that can easily fit into your costume or into a pocket to give off a mysterious and spooky look. If you are going as a wizard, you can even bring a prop like a magic wand that has smoke coming out of it, or you can make it look as if you are creating the smoke yourself. The possibilities are endless for what you can do with this tiny prop.

4. Repurposing Costumes

You can make a truly original costume that is unique to you just by repurposing costumes and putting pieces together. You can even make your entire outfit just by using items that are already seen in your closet or by going to secondhand stores and purchasing pieces that will fit your idea. Consider a costume swap too in which your group of friends can exchange pieces from certain costumes to create new looks. No one will even remember that these are pieces that your friends or family members wore to the last costume event that you had.

5. Gore

The final tip for any costume party, especially if you want to go for a horror theme, is to incorporate fake gore. This can go beyond just drawing on fake blood at the corners of your lip to look like a vampire with face paint. You can literally purchase fake blood and make it look real if you want a costume look that is truly upscale and feels real. There are also makeup effect artists who you can learn from to create fake injuries on your face or anywhere else on your body for a look that will impress.

Final Thoughts

It can be fun to dress up in a costume and show off your creativity. You can enhance any costume for any event just by using special effects makeup such as those pieces that are glow-in-the-dark r those that are used to look like gore.

YOu can also incorporate colored contacts to really pull together the whole look or use smoke as a prop that will astonish. Finally, consider even swapping pieces of your costume with others or building your own costume using your own wardrobe to make a look that is uniquely yours.

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