How Restaurants Use Text Messaging To Engage Customers?


Food and mobiles are the Bedouins duo in the technology world. Right from clicking a plate full of meals to searching for the best restaurants near you, mobile marketing is quintessential for the restaurant industry. All Text messages are known to get prominent ones with the best click rates and ROI that enhance your sales. Let’s see how Text messaging is healthy in the restaurant industry. 

Best Text messaging Practices to the Restaurant Industry

1. Send SMS when you got interesting news

You can be tempted to shower your consumers with many messages and promotions to enhance sales. Sorry, to burst your bubbles, sending messages continuously can put them off. People like to message their loved ones, not from the brands continuously. So, use SMS for “urgent” matters. 

2. Have their permission 

If your customers didn’t opt-in to receive SMS, don’t irritate them by sending touch promotional messages. And also, ensure what phrases you used to send them while opting-in. If you told them, they would get offered news after opting-in, but sending news or useful tips can make them opt-out easily.  

3. Keep your messages simple.

Never go more the 160 characters. Consumers have no time to read your story so keep it sweet and short to convert more.

4. Customization

Whatever bulk SMS or two-way way promotional messages, try to add customization. Just adding the name of your consumers is all enough.  

5. Given the option of opt-out.

Make sure to add an opt-out option along with opt-in messages.  

How can Text Messaging boost restaurant business?

Text messaging for restaurants is an easy hassle bingo-to to partner in search of food.  

So, l entice them to opt-in with an offer or deal. Here a ways to look at:

  • Promote your business with sweet SMS offers and utilize Sshortcodesdes to get redeemable prizes with your brand name.
  • Shortcodes or keywords get your consumers opted-in with timely SMS to change normal diners to loyal ones.
  • Scheduled texts are booking book cancellations. You could lessen the no-shows with automated text messages about reminders to approve ointments sent.
  • Promote new dishes and menus by regularly updating customers that make you talk of the town.
  • Entice new consumers with deals. Exclusive offers include stevedores, 1+1 meals, vouchers, and monthly contests with the restaurant SMS marketing. 
  • Utilize SMS the internal operations. Send the mobile alerts weekly to inform your staff about schedules and last-minute work changes.
  • Text messaging can send a bulk number of mobile alerts within minutes to promote your deals better.
  • Boost your consumer’s engagement with SMS polls and gather them to plan a text marketing campaign

Ways to use Text messaging for the restaurant industry 

1. Offers Strong offer that people can’t say no to 

Everyone tried up with the 10% discounts on mains. It’s time you better stop it. Because your consumer’s light has more other offers from further business. If you are making an offer, go with an offer that they can’t say no to a 30% discount on starter + desserts or make any of the dishes free. This kind of offer attracts more eyes and leads to getting the consumers to the sales funnel that you can upsell.

2. Say hello to people who didn’t buy in a while

Nurturing your consumer loyalty is not an easy task. You need to notice or are engaging with the ones who used to visit or order from you but not now. It is inexpensive to specify them and to get them back rather than attracting new ones. So, deliver targeted offers through SMS before they drift away completely.  

3. Spontaneous texts

Text messaging is fun for restaurants, no doubt about it. But to make it more fun, you don’t need to stick it with your list. If you have any unique ideas, make it work better without sticking with the list. For example, let’s say if it is raining outside and the weather is too cool. Send your consumers a 50% off hot coffee with limited time for the night. Just wait for the sales to roar.

4. Send special offers 

Restaurants might be loaded with special offers, but they don’t much reach consumers. 

Let the consumers know about them. You plan the offers and let Text messaging do the work. Plan exclusive deals for attracting many consumers for subscribing to the text messages. You can even make the SMS game more fun by planning contests to let consumers win prizes by competing in it, redeem vouchers and coupons, offers student or family deals and send many exclusive benefits with opt-in to your text messages, 

Try to segment subscriber data that make it simple to target unique consumers groups separately. For instance, you can’t send a similar promotion text to young families to the aged couple. Shorts discount codes do wonder. A text marketing service can send different codes to every subscriber. Be creative with the numbers or letters and your people.

4. Manage the staff

Encouraging and attracting consumers is just one side of the SMS marketing coin; the other side is managing the staff over the restaurant industry that’s quite challenging. The best news is that text messaging software helps in this front too. 

In the case of last-minute staff changes or unplanned leaves can be reduced by sending a text to your team to find if they like to step in. Just ask them to type Yes or No to take shifts and call them to adjust the schedules.

Want to know about how Text messaging can change your restaurant business, contact us today. 

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