6 Features to Upgrade Your Van with Before a Camping Trip


Traveling in a van may be a fun adventure that lets you discover the wide road and enjoy the freedom of movement. However, it’s crucial to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the trip in advance before you go on the road. Your road trip may be more relaxing, convenient, and pleasurable by upgrading your van. So, whether you’re an experienced road tripper or a first-time traveler, think about improving your van before setting off on your next vacation.

Benefits Of Going on a Camping Trip In a Van 

Mobility and Flexibility

The freedom and mobility that a van offers are one of its main benefits. You may quickly change your camping location, visit new places, and pause anytime you want to take in the view or rest. Vans are also easier to handle than bigger RVs, giving you access to more secluded and picturesque settings.


Van camping may be an affordable method of camping and traveling. The ease of having your own transportation and sleeping accommodations in one vehicle beats staying in pricey motels or renting an RV. You may also save money by preparing meals in the van rather than eating out.

Comfort and Convenience

You may enjoy the luxury and convenience of having your own bed, toilet, and kitchen while traveling in a van. Finding a clean bathroom or sleeping on uncomfortably hard surfaces are not issues. You may have a relaxing and fun camping trip with the correct van configuration. If you really value comfort, you can go for a storyteller overland van for a smooth camping trip.

Features to Upgrade Your Van with Before a Camping Trip 

Solar Panels

If you want to go off-grid while camping, adding solar panels to your van is a terrific addition. With solar panels, you can operate your lights, recharge your electronics, and power appliances like your fridge without needing an external power source.

Roof Rack

Your van would benefit greatly from a roof rack, which adds additional storage space for your camping supplies. Depending on your requirements, you may connect a roof box, a bike rack, or even a kayak rack to it. You’ll find it useful when camping. 

Reverse Camera

Any van should include a reverse camera as a standard safety feature, particularly if you anticipate performing a lot of driving and parking in confined spaces. You can see what’s behind you with a backup camera, making it simpler to park your van and prevent crashes.

Upgraded Suspension

The ride quality of your van may be significantly improved by updating your suspension if you want to drive it off-road or over difficult terrain. The handling, stability, and general performance of your van may all be enhanced by a solid suspension system.

Portable Toilet

If you’re camping in isolated locations with no amenities, having a portable toilet in your vehicle may make camping a lot more pleasant. There are portable restrooms available that are small, simple to clean, and can be put away when not in use.


Your vehicle would benefit greatly from an awning since it offers shade and protection from the weather. An awning can be quickly put up, and on hot, bright days or when it’s pouring outside, it may be a lifesaver.

Things to Bring on a Camping Trip 

Shelter and Bedding

When going camping, you must bring a good tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats. Your sleeping bags and pads should provide sufficient insulation and cushioning for a restful night’s sleep, while your tent should be strong and long-lasting enough to shelter you from the elements.

Cooking Equipment

 You can make hot meals and drinks while camping if you have a portable burner, fuel, and cookware. To keep your kitchen space neat, don’t forget to carry utensils, plates, glasses, and cleaning materials.

Clothing and Personal Items

Comfort while camping can be ensured if you pack the necessary personal goods and dress according to the weather. Pack warm clothing, rain gear, cozy hiking boots, and any essential necessities.


Before leaving on a camping vacation, equipping your van with the appropriate equipment may significantly improve your experience. These amenities, which range from having adequate storage space and comfortable sleeping gear to having dependable electricity and a solid cooking setup, may make your journey more relaxing and pleasurable. Additionally, by bringing the appropriate equipment and supplies, you can make sure that you are ready for any circumstance that may occur while you are traveling. So, with the correct preparation and supplies, your van camping vacation can be a genuinely rewarding and unforgettable experience.