11 Easy and Unexpected Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Decoration

There are many different ways to decorate your home. Sometimes decorating your home may be exciting,but sometimes, it may become overwhelming as well. It is always best to plan your home decoration well. The process of home living room decorating begins by clearing the clutter. It will be difficult to think straight with mess around the house, let alone decorate your home. Once the clutter is cleared, you are not on a clean slate, and it becomes easy to decide what you want for each room of your home. Your home should reflect your personality. Personalize your home with paintings and personal heirlooms. You can even consider having a coffee table with books which your family loves. You can also place memorable pictures in the corridor to make your home a happy space.

Below are some of the easy and unexpected home decors which you can incorporate into your home. 

1) Focal point of your room

Use a mirror or a painting to be the focal point of your room. A focal point is a place where the attention is directed. You can use an artistic painting as a focal point too. Installing a green wall can also be considered to be the focal point of your room. Placing spotlights over the pictures can further increase the focal point of your living room decorating.

2) Create an intimate conversation area

Couches facing each other can create a comfortable space for people to converse with each other. You can consider placing couches opposite each other with a fireplace in between or couches opposite each other or in “U” shape near a window to bring in a cosy, intimate spot for conversation.

3) Door handles 

door handle is used to open and close doors. They have been in existence for 5000 years. The designs have evolved. 

They can be made from different materials such as brass, white porcelain, brown mineral, cut glass, wood, and Victorian bronze. You can personalize your home by using unique and unexpected doorknob designs. For an artistic door design, you could use recycling metal items, wooden pieces, miniature figurines, and antique handles. 

4) Bring character to your home

Bright colour lighting fixtures or throw pillows can be used to bring a vibrant effect to your room. You can also consider painting the furniture and any potted plants in a bright colour to get a similar effect. For a traditional look to your home, you can choose an even number of symmetrically-arranged pillows. If you want a casual effect, you can choose an odd number. 

5) Bring the outdoors to your home

You can bring the outdoors to your home by placing a lot of potted plants indoors. You can also display a gallery with paintings of the beach and the great outdoors.

6) Usage of mirrors

When mirrors are used correctly, they can reflect light into your home and create a bright and cheerful ambiance. Ensure that you place your mirror perpendicular to the windows to reflect the light outside. 

7) Rugs and carpets

Rugs and carpets can give a very sophisticated and cozy feel to your living room decorating. Make sure that the mats are anchored at least by the first two legs of the couches. Using a big rug on which all the furniture is placed can give your home a cohesive look. Using a small carpet might make your room look fragmented. You can also use rugs to direct attention to the furniture you want to highlight. 

8) Bring greenery to your home

Use potted plants in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. They can freshen up the room. You can have a large potted plant to make it the focal point of your room.

9) Replace Doorknobs

you can bring character to your home by focusing on small things like throw pillows and doorknobs. Little things like this can change your home’s interior and exterior and can change the ambiance of your home.

10) Use some trendy pieces of furniture

You can have traditional furniture all over your home, and you can pepper these with some modern pieces of furniture. These stylish pieces may be small pieces of furniture that are easy to change and easy to handle. Hence, they can create a vibrant feel to your living area. You can also use a patterned room divider to create a visual appeal.

11) Use curved pieces of furniture

Curved pieces of furniture can be used to separate the living and dining area. These curved pieces of furniture can be used to break the hard angles of the architecture of your home. Curved pieces of furniture are best suited for an open-plan living room. 

In conclusion, You can create an accent wall or hang baskets to your wall to create a unique look for your home. You can also consider palm leaf prints or polka dots prints on one of the walls of your living room. This will give your home a personalized look.

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