Get Quick Treatment for gallstones without open surgery

Treatment for gallstones

Have you been experiencing pain in upper abdomen, after a few hours does it feel to be radiating off the right shoulder, are these episodes of pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting? And does this pain chime in after a hearty meal? Do you want a gallstone treatment without open surgery? If the answer to all these questions is a big yes then most probably you are not suffering from a digestive disorder but probably have gallstones.              

What are gallstones?

Gallstones originate from bile. Bile is formed in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Bile is secreted to digest fats in the food. Fats in the food stimulate the secretion of a hormone that leads to contraction of the gallbladder. This releases bile in the intestine through CBD (Common Bile Duct). So, when bile crystallizes, it forms solid lumps in the gallbladder which is a small bag like structure located just below the liver in the abdomen region. Size of gallstones can vary hugely, its size can be even smaller than a grain of sand or it can be even bigger than a golf ball.

Types of gallstones

The gallstones depending upon their composition are divided into-

  • Cholesterol stones: These are usually yellow; they are the most commonly occurring. Furthermore, with about 80% of the reported cases have cholesterol stones.
  • Pigment stones:These stones are smaller and darker when compared to cholesterol stones. They are black, brown or greyish in color.

Why Treatment Is Necessary?                              

If a gallstone is not treated with time then the symptoms may elevate. Most of the time, among all the symptoms pain is the most prevalent one. Again, gallstone is an easily curable disease so why go through so much unnecessary pain for even a second more than necessary.

Like any other disease, if not treated it will progress and lead to severe consequences. In severe cases, stones may block the gallbladder ducts leading to inflammation of the bladder. It will most probably get infected too, this condition is also known as cholecystitis. Acute cholecystitis is not a pleasurable condition. Either patient suffering from cholecystitis has to endure antibiotics pain medicines or surgery. Same is the case with pancreatitis cholangitis. Both of which are also result of avoiding treatment.

Different Treatment Available:

The doctor asks you to undergo surgery for the complete removal of gallbladder only if you are showing symptoms of gallstones. If there are no such disease symptoms, then water is  the bridge together with ‘wait and watch’ policy. Even though open surgery is one of the better treatments available out there, but if we leave it out, there are still many efficient ways to treat gallstones.

Recently, there have been many popups about how the treatment of gallstone can be done naturally. Either by using apple juice and vinegar or by using artichoke. Some even claim that a dandelion can also cure you gallstone. With the lack of actual studies, supporting their results it is a rather foolhardy to follow them at the cost of your own health.            

The other sensible options available for people who cannot or do not want to go through the open surgery are-

Percutaneous removal

In this method, a catheter gets in the gallbladder for its removal to relieve the obstruction that occurs due to stones. This hole through which the catheter gets inside is enlarged gradually for the removal of the stones. The reasons for it being rarely performed are high risk of infections or injury and recurring stones.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy

The basic principle of this procedure is that the gallstone break into various fragments by passing shock through the soft tissue. It has a low success rate because if a gallbladder is dead then it would not expel the stone no matter how short.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy:

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy has come up with a lot of popularity recently, whether it be a surgeon or public. And why not, after all it provides all the things you expect out of an operation. You want less or no pain well you got it, it has low to no post-operative pain a little pain you might experience is all because of the CO2 that is used during operation.

You hate stays at hospitals, well laparoscopy treatment for gallstone has your back. The maximum that you might have to stay is one day that also if it’s really necessary otherwise most of the time its just done through outpatient system.

Want to return back to normal days? Get laparoscopy repair, have a nice sleep, shake off leftover effects of anesthesia and you are ready to go back to your normal life. You don’t want big angry scars, well then, the good news for you is – it only requires four incisions which are not even an inch long. And if even that seems bothersome then it will make you happy to know that technology has come up with a laparoscopic cholecystectomy which is known SILC (Single Incision Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy).

SILC provides you with just one incision. Again, if you don’t want post-operative risks, then don’t worry laparoscopic gallstone surgery will treat you well. The post-surgery complications is negligible and recurrence is also very low. And giving these points, it is a hassle-free and safe operation.

More advantages of laparoscopic gallstone treatment

Under general anesthesia, four incisions, inserting laparoscope with other surgical tools. Along with it, body inflating with CO2for more room, bladder found, clipping arteries, removal of bladder cut and suturing wound. The best treatment is always the one that is quick and risk-free or with the least risk. There are many other therapies that are available for treatment of gallstones but most of them take a lot of time. For example, oral dissolution therapy takes 1-2 years and then too the chances of recurrence are very high.


Treating gallstones without open surgery is possible with laparoscopic repair. There are many other therapies that are available for treatment of gallstones. But when you start comparing, everything falls one step short in comparison to Laparoscopic surgery. Either they take a lot of time, for example oral dissolution therapy takes 1-2 years or they have high risk factors. And most of them are not even permanent solutions. So, if you have gallstones then the best option is to go for Laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

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