Top Web Development Trends You Can’t Miss in 2021

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In the modern digital world, the best way to grow your audience is to be online. Whether it’s a recipe for a mango dessert or places to shop streetwear, the first place people check is the worldwide web.

There are billions of websites on the internet with different design and development concepts, content, and marketing. But are all of them following the latest web development trends?

As digitization continues to progress exponentially, we see new technologies come to light that takes software development to a new level. These advancements allow businesses to meet user demands and set up a brand identity with which their target audience can relate.

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That said, to leverage the benefits of the latest development trends, you must understand the technologies before you start development.

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the top web development trends to look out for in 2021:

Dark Mode & Low Light UX

The dark mode and low-light UX web design have been around for a couple of years now, and 2021 will see the trend continue to dominate the world of web development.

Currently, users need to visit the settings page to turn on the dark mode for most websites. But in the future, we will see a rise in sites that feature the tab to switch between dark and light mode on the homepage, while the apps will have it all in-built.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps or PWAs are another trends dominating web development. Unlike traditional web pages, PWAs are a combination of websites and mobile apps. They can function offline, support faster loading, responsiveness, and offer an app-like experience.

Plus, they do not crash during high traffic or when the server is loading, which reduces the server load and improves performance. Users also don’t need to update the PWAs through app stores; instead, they update automatically.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

With most users accessing the web on their mobile phones, websites need to be mobile-optimized. Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) speed a webpage’s performance and decrease load time, preventing users from leaving.

Not only are AMPs user-friendly, but they also improve SERP ranking, which boosts visibility and drives traffic to the website. With an increase in ROI, small businesses can compete with the top players of the industry.

Motion UI

One of the app and web development trends is the shift from the touch interface to motion UI. It can be integrated with multiple website elements, from headers and menus to the background, scrolling, and more.

It not only makes browsing fun but also puts focus on the valuable content of the site. Developers can adjust the content and page hierarchy to ensure that the visitors don’t lose sight of what’s essential.

Voice UI

Voice user interface is another web design trend that will continue to expand and develop in 2021. Users now prefer searching for information through speech instead of typing two-three word phrases.

AI-enabled voice recognition systems dominate the market as they save time for the users, allowing them to perform multiple tasks on a single platform.

Thus, as voice-optimized devices like Siri and Alexa continue to lead the trends, developers will need to integrate the technology into web development to meet the market demands.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is not new to the world of web development but still in high demand and will continue to rise in the coming years.

In the future, JavaScript frameworks will have diverse product development aspects, including UI/UX and testing. Developers can use these frameworks on readymade components, saving the time needed to code components separately every time.

Ghost Buttons

A relatively new web development trend is the use of ‘ghost’ buttons as call-to-actions. They are unconventional but also unique, attractive, and minimal in design. Ghost buttons are almost invisible until users move the cursor over them.

The inconspicuous design of the ghost buttons helps web developers avoid distractions. They also blend with the existing visual design of the website, making the web pages more elegant without the need for a new framework every time.

Final Word

As user convenience takes precedence in software development, 2021 and the future will focus on fast, clean, and attractive websites.

I hope the blog helps in understanding the latest web design trends dominating the market. To get the most out of your website, implement these technologies into your development strategy. Consult a software development firm like Logiciel Company that helps design a site that fits your business requirements.

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