Top 5: Tips To Achieve Your Sports Goals

achieve sports goals

You started the year full of energy and motivation to reach your physical goals. But, as the time goes by, you realize that too much time has passed since you put on your favorite sports outfit. Does this situation sound familiar to you? Here’re some tips to help you reach your fitness goals! This way, you will continue doing sports with the same enthusiasm throughout the year!

achieve sports goals

Decide your physical goal

Improving your physical

To achieve a better physical condition, it is necessary to focus on performing exercises in the cardio zone (walking, running, cycling, swimming) and combine them with strength training, doing many repetitions with a lightweight.

Lose kilos

You should alternate cardio training and strength training. That is to say: one-day cardio exercises and, another day, strength exercises. In weight training, focus on the larger muscles, for example, the legs. Use weights to perform between 10 and 15 repetitions with the correct technique.

Gain strength

Do you want more muscle mass to gain strength? In this case, you should perform exercises with somewhat heavier weights and fewer repetitions than in the previous point in your strength training. To achieve maximum muscular strength, use a weight that allows you to perform between 1 and 5 repetitions. We know it hurts! But you will notice that you are gaining strength. For that, you may even consider getting Lilly Humatrope 72iu online.

Give priority to your training

You can reach your physical goal if you consider the sport as important as… A marathon of your favorite series! (For example) Are you looking for the next chapter? It pays to have that mindset for your fitness goal (and any workout).

That is to say: playing sports is a fixed and pleasant part of your lifestyle because you will develop a routine. Prepare a weekly plan and extend it for a month. Do you have to skip a workout? It can happen but commit to making it up the next day!

Prepare an acceptable weekly schedule (for example, three or four workouts per week) and focus on it next month. Have you tried during that time, and do you still like it? Keep it up. Didn’t you like it a lot? Adjust your weekly schedule to fit your routine and get you moving and making progress.


For motivation, it is essential to monitor your progress relaxed. So don’t weigh yourself every day! What’s more, forget the scale: it’s better to use your clothes as a measurement method. For example, those pants and that T-shirt that fit you fabulously… But not so much now! Or those clothes you bought recently because you liked them so much and that doesn’t work for you… Although that will change!

Also, set achievable goals within a specific time frame (for example, one month, three months, or six months). Can you associate them with a positive event, such as vacation, a game or a party? Go for it! Because that way, you can set short and medium-term goals # additional motivation.

Create optimal circumstances

Try to make it clear to your friends, family, and acquaintances that all their motivation will help you reach your physical goal. Let them how much you value their support for your goal. And no, you are not a bore for, from time to time, saying no to a pizza! Because it’s a shame to waste great efforts that way. Or not?

Perhaps you can lean on someone in your environment which also needs a strong hand to continue doing sports. For example, it is always more fun to do sports in the company, and it will help you push your limits: if it is raining outside, your training partner may be waiting for you in the gym.

Two other tips:

  • Try always having a sports bag at home or in the car with everything ready.
  • Try to prepare, in advance, healthy, and tasty meals for the following week. This way, you will avoid the temptation to order fast food: beneficial for your physical goal and your pocket.

Enjoy and have fun

Apart from all the obligations, it would help if you did not forget about the fun. Maybe you can combine your exercises with another sport. For example, do you like to dance, jump rope, tennis, or boxing? Variation is always good because it brings more energy and enthusiasm!

In addition, music is for many a great stimulant during training. So, if you lack motivation or a part of your training seems more boring, let your favorite music play in your headphones. You’ll see how the desire resurfaces!