Top Styling Tips when Working from Home

top styling tips

During the lockdown, for most of us, fashion meant a dull and uninspiring combination of sweatpants and T-shirts, whereas others had done their best to retain their sense of dignity in style. For those who went back to the offices, the dilemma is non-existent, but for those who still work from home, the question remains – fall into a cycle of wearing leggings, pyjamas and an occasional pretty top for online meetings or start getting dressed in actual work clothes.

If the latter is what you want and feel it would boost your confidence, creativity and productivity while working from home, here are some quick and easy tips on how to style your look when working from home.

Treat your work from home as any other workday

To stay on the top of your game, set up a schedule – wake up on time and stick to whatever morning routine you commonly do. This will help reduce anxiety and keep you on track. So, have your coffee in the morning, eat your breakfast, set your kids off to school, and whatever else your morning includes.

It’s not a good idea to just roll out of bed and immediately get to work. You have no commuting to do so use this time for yourself to get ready. Treat yourself kindly and relax before you immerse yourself fully in work.

Keep it simple

The best fashion policy you can have is to keep it simple. With a few chic essentials, such as statement jewellery, printed scarves or a stylish cowhide handbag hanging off your chair, you can easily elevate your look. You don’t have to pull out your power suit to look serious and professional for all your video calls. All it takes is a clean and simple look that shows you’re focused and ready, with an interesting detail or two to break you out of your fashion rut.

If sweatpants, pyjamas and hoodies keep you comfortable, happy and efficient, then don’t change your ways. The most important thing is that you discover what works best for you. If you feel your productivity has decreased, then you may want to try spicing things up with some accessories to enhance your look from casual to more business-like.

Think in advance

Mornings can be quite hectic, and if this is the case in your home, it’s best you prepare your wardrobe the night before. To make things even more practical and easier, lay out your clothes so they’re ready first thing in the morning. You can even add a reminder on your smartphone to help you remember to select your next day’s outfit before you go to sleep.

Compile staple pieces

Some work-from-home essential garments can help you make a collection of clothes ideal for those days when you’re not leaving your home and desk, but you still want to wear a stylish ensemble. Add these staple pieces to your stay-at-home look – blouses with various details (ruffles, buttons, prints, and cute sleeves), casual tops in different colours, a classic white shirt and several cardigans and blazers to add layers when you’re in the mood.

Experiment and accessorize

Working from home gives you a lot of freedom to experiment. You surely have some outfits you haven’t had the opportunity to wear yet, they’re seasonally inappropriate or you aren’t confident wearing them out of the house yet. Well, now’s the time to get playful! As long as the attire is functional and comfortable, you can wear those pieces that haven’t gotten as much TLC as others.

Don’t be afraid to test your creativity and sense of style. Experiment a bit with different hairstyles, outfits and makeup looks you don’t typically wear – a trendy bandana, a spiky hairband, chandelier earrings or neon colours. Trying new things can be very refreshing and inspiring, and it can boost your enthusiasm for getting ready in the morning.

Stay comfortable

Staying at home for most of us means lounging around in casual and comfy clothes, which is perfectly fine, but when it comes to working hours at home, you can step it up a bit but still not feel uptight. Combine stylish pieces with comfortable athleisure and you’ll have an ideal fusion of style and comfort, a sort of a mix of being dressed up and relaxed at the same time. For instance, put on a long oversized white shirt with black leggings and a stylish belt to add some colour and interest.

These styling tips can make it easier on you to create a new dressing up routine, which can aid your adjustment to having a new work schedule or how working from home impacts both your family life and habits. You’ll also be more motivated to get dressed and look great, as well as more inspired to work and be productive.