Top places to visit in Frankfurt


One of the glamorous cities in German, with plenty of trendy vines, incredible history, instant freshness, and a unique landscape, Frankfurt is out there waiting for your arrival with open arms. A great destination to start the journey, the city of Frankfurt will never leave you bored, instead, it offers many great things, from the arts, outdoors, and shopping, to historic buildings and high-rises. A favorite location with an all-year-round crowd, Frankfurt is making a call, just listen to it, guys!!!

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Situated in the heart of Frankfurt’s Old Town (Altstadt), Römerberg features the most picturesque public square and the city’s busiest pedestrian zone which is home to numerous tourist attractions and amazing things to do. Sprawling city square with exciting historic vibes, Römerberg gives a good start for your journey.

Palm Garden

one of the three largest botanical gardens in Frankfurt, Palm Garden (Palmengarten) is the perfect catch for a day trip. Blessed with unique plant species from all parts of the globe, which are displayed in greenhouses or the open-air. A much-loved destination for travelers, especially couples and curious ones, Palmengarten is out there to get explored thoroughly.

Goethe House and Museum

Get an exciting opportunity to know some amazing facts about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany’s greatest writer! Frankfurt was his birthplace and the city has successfully conserved his family home, Goethe House – where Goethe was born on August 28, 1749, and lived until 1765. The house also has the Goethe Museum, a 14-room gallery displaying artworks from the writer’s time, including masterpieces of the Late Baroque and Romantic periods.

Frankfurt Zoo

Home to more than 4,500 animals representing at least 510 different species, Frankfurt Zoo is Germany’s second oldest zoo dating back to 1858. A special destination to chill out with animals; know something fascinating about them; strolling around the guided paths; what else do we need, guys! Make your plans now and book cheap flight tickets to Frankfurt from any travel website without any extra charges.

Städel Museum

Are you an art enthusiast or a history buff? Well, Städel Museum boasts an excellent collection of paintings from the 14th century. It is one of Germany’s top cultural attractions and finds its name in a visitor’s ‘must visit destinations’ list. Being the most important of the world-class museums that make up Frankfurt’s Museum District, Städel Museum will never disappoint you, guys!!!


Situated on the south bank of the River Main, Museumsufer is a paradise for art lovers and curious families. With five stars rating on many travel websites, this spot in downtown Frankfurt has museums for film, art, architecture, communication, and ethnography. Featuring a first-rate collection of some 16 separate museums, Museumsufer is also known as the Frankfurt Museum District.

The Hauptwache

Grab some jaw-dropping picturesque moments in the Hauptwache with your loved ones! Situated in the middle of the city, the site is famous for its mix of fine historic buildings and modern structures. It is also one of Frankfurt’s main shopping areas, complete with a large underground mall. If you are looking for a destination to become a shopping freak, then the Hauptwache would be the one you should visit once in your Frankfurt journey.

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