Top 7 iOS Emulators For Window PC & Mac To Run iOS Apps

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The emulator is the program that is installed in the host device to behave like a guest. The advantage of this is that the host system can run peripherals and software which are dedicated to the guest device. Simply put, emulators are the software that are placed in windows PC or Mac to support the iOS or Android apps. Similarly, they also enable Mac PC to use windows functionality and MacOS in Windows PC.

Downloading the iOS emulators has many advantages; first, it allows you to download the games, and other applications specifically meant for iPhones, such as Tweetbot, Overcast, Sky Guide AR, Hyperlapse, etc. Secondly, emulators allow developers to detect and eliminate the eros in the app during the development phase. The amazing thing is that these softwares are very affordable and run the app on the PC without any modification.

Moreover, they can simulate softwares as well as hardware. If you are running a big organization and want to install iOS emulators in many systems, it would be better to seek the help of IT Support Services. These agencies provide the emulators at a cheaper rate than the retail shops.

The market is packed with various iOS emulators, so it’s quite daunting to choose the best one. We have crafted a list of the top iOS emulators you can consider installing on your Windows computer or Mac.

It is the most popular iOS emulator. is easy to use and hosted on virtual servers. This means you don’t need to store space in your device to install this software. allows you to access iPhone’s functionality ( from iPhone 5X- 11 Pro Max), iPad, and iPod. Moreover, this emulator works well with JavaScript & HTML5. Isn’t it cool? You can easily buy them from companies that provide IT support services.

Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is the paid way to emulate iOS apps on window PC and Mac. In addition to this, EMS is used by the developers to test java-script and HTML5 based iOS applications. Its Chrome debugging feature and integrated Kit feature makes it ideal to use with windows 10. 


If you want to have an ipad or iphone like experience on your Mac or PC without paying a penny, downloading an iPadian would be the best option. Although, it will not allow you access to things like the App store, but provides you thousands of applications  (like facebook, tiktok, Spotify, etc.) to use on desktop. It works somewhat similar to the simulator by reproducing the design of iOS hardware.


This is the advanced version of the iOS emulator and quite difficult to install on the system. However, if after doing this complicated task, you will get the robust tool to test and develop your iOS applications on the simulator. Its market price is around 100 dollars. You can consider the Xamarin emulator for enterprise applications.


The next iOS emulator that comes in que is Xcode. It is really good for testing the apps. Many iOS developers install it on their Mac for developing apps. Such people do not require any other simulator or tool for mobile application testing.


To make beta testing much simpler, Apple itself has introduced an iOS emulator for app developers called TestFlight. You can sign up to this platform and share the code with the internal developers of Apple. After compiling the entire code, they will give feedback on your iOS application. You will also do external beta testing with this emulator. And you know what, this emulator is absolutely free


This emulator gives you the opportunity to make applications on Cross-platform. It is very user-friendly and reliable. Smatface keeps updating itself and can emulate a specific iOS app on a PC through a browser without an Apple device’s availability. Moreover, it is simple to install and loaded with numerous features.

The Bottom Line -:

Here you have a deep dive into the best iOS emulators. However, if you are running an app development company and planning to install emulators on the developer’s computers, it would be best to seek the best IT support service provider’s advice.


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