Top Google Chrome Extensions That Will Revolutionize Your Ecommerce Experience

ecommerce chrome extension

In simple words, we can understand Google Chrome extensions as a small program that modifies a user’s browsing experience. They are built using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and likewise with the single purpose of facilitating the overall browser functioning and customization. Chrome extensions are downloadable on Google Web Store and are automatically installed on downloading. From Best Translate Extension Chrome to the ones that increase productivity, the myriad of Google Chrome extensions is suc0068 that there is something for everyone.

Google Chrome Extensions are, undoubtedly, life saviors. They come in a free version with rudimentary functions and a premium version with advanced features. Moreover, it is essential to remember that Google Chrome Extensions are different from other add-ons like modules, apps, plug-ins, etc. Now that we have touched upon the basics of extensions, let us look at the top eCommerce Chrome Extensions that will transform your business dynamics.

Advantages of Google Chrome Extensions

  • Added Utility – The Google Chrome browser gets adapted to specific needs through relevant extensions.
  • Saving Time and Energy – Various extensions act as shortcuts and enable users to perform and execute tasks faster with fewer clicks.
  • Enhance Efficiency – Extensions for Google Chrome allow users to execute specific operations without having to leave the current navigation window.
  • Essential Notifications – Some extensions help activate alerts and notifications that may be useful to the user. Likewise, they can also disseminate relevant information about a page the user is visiting.

Top Chrome Extensions for Ecommerce That You Need to Install Right Now

1. Buffer – It is the easiest way to share different page content on your social media profiles. You can publish the desired post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with a single click. It is an extension that lets eCommerce entrepreneurs tag, share, and schedule content for their social media pages. Thus, Buffer is a must-have for effective social media management and marketing. Some of the highlights of Buffer are –

  • Analytical data on how each social media post is being shared and liked by its followers is provided. 
  • Publishing the content you are reading directly to your social networks.
  • Scheduling social media posts.

2. SEO Quake Chrome Extension – It is a great extension to check basic SEO information such as Google PageRank, Yahoo links, SEMRush, Bing index, and so forth. SEO Quake is the best for quick competitor research, primarily if you identify valuable backlinks and keywords to utilize in your content marketing and product pages.

3. Neoboard –  It is one of the best extensions for e-commerce websites  because it helps with account maintenance and customer interaction. Neoboard extensions allow merchants to sell on various platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc., to communicate with their customers. It allows store owners to answer their international customer’s query in their local languages ​​through a translation feature. Some common answers can also be saved as a template and translated into a regional language if needed. For example, when a customer asks about the status of their order, the Neoboard extension can answer the question and develop a healthy relationship with the customer through their vernacular.

In addition, the user can also calculate profits and item costs through the Neoboard calculator feature. There is no denying that Neoboard will completely change the game for e-commerce sellers, especially by increasing customer satisfaction, engaging and retaining customers.

4. Wappalyzer Chrome Extension – It enables you to check the technologies used on all the websites that you visit, including your peers’ stores. It is an excellent eCommerce Chrome extension to understand the type of software and other digital mechanisms currently garnering momentum in any industry. From programming languages to content management and marketing systems, the Wappalyzer extension is the one-stop-shop for a discreet and easy peep into a store’s internal technical workings.

Now that we have touched upon the basics of extensions, if you own an eCommerce store, you need to download the Ecommerce Chrome extension which described above. It may change your current scenario by saving your time and efforts.