Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses Online with Skills, Job & Salary

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What makes these digital marketing courses the best?

Suppose you can find a lot of digital marketing courses by searching Google for ‘Digital Marketing Courses. Several courses only focus on social media marketing or SEO but do not cover every digital marketing channel.

1. Henry Harvin – Digital Marketing Courses Online

It is possible to become a Certified Agile Digital Marketer through the Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy’s CADM Digital Marketing Course.

If you don’t like 9-to-5 jobs, the CADM program will allow you to expand your own business and work from home.

Social media marketing tips are taught in the CADM certification program. Through social media, you can reach a global audience and increase subscribers.

Benefits include:

  • Implementing and analyzing social media and content strategies
  • Utilize digital marketing tools, methods, and processes to reach your target audience.
  • Spread awareness within and outside the organization about the topic

2. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) – Digital Marketing Courses Online

IIDE was founded in 2016 to provide digital skills training to learners. There are four IIDE

You’ll learn from highly experienced industry trainers in the Digital Marketing Courses Online to fast-track your digital marketing career. 

Course Description: 

  • Training sessions on resumes and interviews are included
  • Discover eight brand projects

3. Hyper Island – Digital Marketing Courses Online

Through tools, processes, platforms, and approaches, you learn how to engage your target audiences.

Become familiar with all digital marketing channels to grow your organization. With it, you can reach the most people with the least effort and cost by implementing different tactics or ways to engage your current customers.

Course Description: 

  • You will be given weekly challenges and tasks to solve, which will help you build your skills
  • Join for an online webinar on Wednesdays from 15:00 to 16:00 CET
  • A facilitator and digital marketing experts teach the course

4. FutureLearn – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Take a Digital Skills- Digital Marketing Course online from FutureLearn now to learn how digital marketing can help you grow your business.

Learn about display advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing strategies. Various digital marketing strategies are discussed as well as how companies can target customers. 

Course Description:

  • Get introduced to digital marketing in the first week
  • Understanding pay-per-click and display advertising
  • Embrace these techniques by learning how to integrate them
  • A certificate is awarded once you have completed 90% of the course steps and all assessments

5. Harvard Business School – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Marketing in the Digital Era is a course offered online by the Harvard Business School. You will learn marketing principles and strategies to help you grow your marketing and business.

6. Coursera – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

With Coursera, you can master a skill through a series of courses. The Digital Marketing Specialization course Coursera offers digital analytics, social media marketing, SEO, and 3D printing.

Digital marketing strategy concepts and tools can be mastered. Coursera’s specialization course includes a hands-on project.

The project must be completed to receive a certificate.

7. Udemy – Digital Marketing Courses Online

Discover how to advertise on display, optimize your website, and send emails. Various digital marketing strategies are discussed as well as how companies can target customers. 

8. Institute for Management Development – Digital Marketing Courses Online

Become familiar with all digital marketing channels to grow your organization. With it, you can reach the most people with the least effort and cost by implementing different tactics or ways to engage your current customers.

9. MIT Management Executive Education – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

MITOnline Digital Marketing Courses at MIT Management Executive Education short course. GetSmarter, an online education provider, is delivering the program. 

They create and deliver premium online courses that focus on global learning through their partnership. Courses are designed to provide industry-relevant skills certified by reputed academic institutions.

10. Google – Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Advertising Bureau Europe and Interactive, The Open University, have accredited it. There are 26 modules in the course on basic digital marketing strategy. 

Digital Marketing Skills

Employers also prefer candidates with additional skills as extra toppings on their ice cream sundaes. The digital landscape equates to higher salaries for digital marketers with more digital skills. Additionally, 100% placement assistance is included. 

Salary for top roles in digital marketing in India:

  • Content Marketing Manager – ₹4-8 Lakhs per year
  • Paid Media Specialist – ₹5-6 Lakhs per year
  • SEO Specialist – ₹5-6 Lakhs per year
  • Digital Marketing Manager – ₹5-6 Lakhs per year
  • Marketing Automation Specialist – ₹4-6 Lakhs per year
  • Pay-Per-Click Analyst – ₹4-5 Lakhs per year
  • SEM Specialist – ₹2-3 lakhs per year
  • Data Analyst – ₹4-5 Lakhs per year
  • Web Developer – ₹3-5 lakhs per year
  • SMM Specialist – ₹3-5 lakhs per year

Wrapping up

A digital marketing course can help you acquire those skills quickly. It is then up to you to gain real-world experience by either working on your websites, becoming a freelancer in digital marketing or working for an established agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will digital marketing in India change in the future?

About 56% of business owners are looking for digital expertise, and the rest are already online. According to the Times of India, the digital marketing industry is expected to create 2.5 lakh jobs by 2022. 

2. How much do digital marketers earn?

Digital marketing salaries range from $3,00,000 to $12,00,000. For freshers in digital marketing, the monthly salary is approximately *21,585. 

3. What best ways to land a high-paying job in digital marketing?

You must take a professional course that equips you with industry-relevant managerial and digital skills if you want to land job offers at the mid-senior managerial level. 

4. Can you tell me how much the top salary is in digital marketing?

Entry-level digital marketers can earn between 3,00,000 and 4,00,000 per year. As such, it’s impossible to pinpoint the highest salary for digital marketing. 

5. In India, what is the average salary for a freelancer in digital marketing?

An average digital marketing freelancer in India can earn up to *5,17,203 per month. Freelancers’ earnings are directly influenced by how many hours they’re willing to put in each day.