Top 10 digital marketing strategies to follow in 2020

Digital Marketing

The past few years have seen a varying trend in the way digital marketing is done. Its definition has been altered over the years and newer and efficient techniques have been incorporated and used as of today. Also, cost cutting has been an important concern for an organization on the hunt for digital marketing services. Reaching a wider audience with less effort is the USP of today’s digital marketing strategies. We are almost about to enter in 2020 and there’s already a few trends that have made way into strategy plans of digital marketing services. Some of the best digital marketing training

Digital Marketing

Strategies are expected to see the following trends in the coming year.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is set to take the world by storm, especially for business organizations in their various operations. The latest and best digital marketing training strategies now have tremendous scope under the AI umbrella. Analysis of the consumers behavioral trends and online search patterns is the next big thing happening in the marketing field with extraction of data from peoples social media platforms and internet searches and the whole online activity of an individual, in general will aid the business and service entities for targeted digital marketing is what artificial intelligence is bringing about.

2. Immersive technologies

The popularity of real time immersive tech experience like Augmented and Virtual reality in the consumers online activity has gained unparalleled popularity and 2020 will be about enhancing these capabilities for improvement in the user experience. By creating the visuals of a product into your home or work spaces, consumers can now easily access products and imagine how it will appear in their spaces, be it furniture, clothing or eye wear, which already saw a boom in the previous year.

3. Online posts for shopping

Stumbling upon a post and being blown by it and the immediate desire of having the same is again one of the best digital marketing training strategies that organizations are now focusing on. Say you come across a wonderful outfit or a piece of furniture or whatever object that may be, being able to buy the same or a similar product is what people can look forward to in 2020. That dress you saw a model wearing in her latest instagram post, one that drags you to the decision of having it will now be easier using the latest trends in the incorporation of shopping products from online posts.

4. Voice search

Intelligent devices such as phone assistants, devices like echo and the lot are now here to give way to the latest moves in digital marketing with services and searches available just commands away from the consumer. Optimization for search and voice command trends is expected to make communication with these virtual assistants simpler and a broader scope for marketing strategies.

5. Interactive Content

Surfing trends on the internet have seen huge leaps over periods. What the consumers incline is to lately be interactive content. Contents like 360 degree media, surveys or quizzes are the base of this interactive content. Gaining as much feedback from users surfing the internet for quality content is what giants are targeting towards with their strategies for digital marketing in 2020.

6. Visual search

Being able to search your favourite product or service just by using a picture has been around for a while. Not exactly efficient has it been, so that is what the best digital marketing strategies are looking forward to elope in. Optimizing this image search to find a product, service, location, and food item is again on the list of the best trends in digital marketing in 2020.

7. Personalization

Personalized marketing is projected to dominate the trends in digital marketing in the coming year. A finding, courtesy of a lot of studies shows that consumers are not in favored generic ads, especially ones that have no relevance to their interests. Here is where personalized marketing is expected to jump in to fill that gap and give customers what they are looking for, more like a targeted marketing ecosystem.

8. Video Content

Video has become an important aspect of digital marketing strategies, to which consumers are seen to be responding pretty well. The visual content has to be apt, relevant and eye catching, which is the focus of marketers in 2020. Also, the live video feature that is dominating in the form of Facebook Live and Instagram Live is proven to keep users hooked to watching those, on a scale much higher than the normal videos.

9. Chatbots

Probably one of the most effective methods, in the influence of digital marketing sector is the use of chat bots. Their extensive incorporation in a large number of apps these days has got quite a positive feedback in areas of customer service and surfing assistance. The trend is likely to rise in the coming year and prove to be one of the best digital marketing strategies in 2020.

10. Advanced Search Engine Optimization

How users are surfing the internet and search engines is evolving at a rather rapid pace with trends so astonishing that can easily aid marketing agencies to target their strategies. The latest updates in tweaking and modifying search algorithms incorporated by the most used search engines is changing the way how an advertisement is going to reach a user. This is another trend that is going to be prevalent in the year 2020.

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