Which are the Top 10 AC brands in India?

top 10 AC brands in India

Air conditioner becomes essential during the peak summer season, especially if you live in a hot or humid place. With the scorching sun in the summer season, the heat becomes unbearable if you have only ceiling fans or coolers. If the temperature of your surroundings remains more than 25 degrees Celsius, you will need an air conditioner because it plays an important role in keeping you cool inside the House. However, you must choose your brand carefully because every air conditioner can’t fulfill your need. Hence, you must opt for the top 10 AC brands in India.

It depends on your room size to decide whether you need a Window type small air conditioner or a good Split AC for the living room. When choosing Split air conditioners, there are many options available to you. Sometimes, the brand is well known, but the product could be better, which creates confusion. Since people prefer Split ACs, here is the list of five such models from India’s top 10 AC brands. 

1. Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U Inverter Split AC (1.5 Ton)

Blue Star is one of the top 10 AC brands in India. This Split AC has the following features. It has a Copper condenser coil, Anti freeze thermostat, LED display in the indoor unit, self-diagnosis, air flow direction, various operating modes and anti-corrosive blue condenser fins. The other features include an anti-bacterial filter, Catechin filter, silver ion filter, active carbon filter, anti-acarine filter and dust filter. The company provides a one-year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the compressor. Being an inverter AC, it doesn’t come with a star rating.

2. Voltas 185JY Split AC (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating)

Voltas is one of the most reputed air conditioner brands in India. This Voltas AC with 5 star Energy Efficiency rating has features such as an aluminium condenser coil, Dual Temperature Display, Sleep mode, Anti-Dust, Active Carbon, Nano Silver, Catechin Filter, Acaro Bacterium (Red), and Silver Ion filters that keep the air free from dust and pathogens. You get a one-year warranty on the air conditioner and 5 years warranty on the compressor.

3. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI Flexicool Inverter Split AC

It’s one of India’s oldest and most reliable brandsIndia, and its air conditioners are known for providing effective cooling and exceptional after-sales service. This 1.5-ton capacity model from the House of Carrier comes with a 5-star rating and is equipped with the latest Flexicool inverter technology that saves almost 50% on your electricity bill. The features include a Copper Condenser Coil with Aqua Clear Protection, a Variable speed compressor, and Insta Cool for Faster Cooling. The other features include Dual Filtration with HD and PM 2.5 Filters, Hydro Blue Coating for Long Lasting Comfort, Refrigerant Leakage Detector, Auto Cleanser, and ADC Sensor.

4. Voltas 185 EY (R) Split AC (1.5 Ton)

It’s another very good model from Voltas with a 5-star Energy Efficiency rating. The features of this model include an aluminum condenser coil, LED display panel, Dual Temperature Display, and Glow Buttons. You can change settings like Turbo mode, Swing, and Lock. 

5. Sansui SSZ55.WS1-MDA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC

You can rely on the Sansui brand irrespective of your requirement for a medium-sized Split air conditioner or a Window type small air conditioner. The features of this Split AC include an aluminium condenser coil, Anti Bacterial Filter, Auro Air Swing, Stepped Louvers, Various Speed Setting, and 4 Way Air Deflection System. Besides, it also has a 5-star Energy Efficiency rating.

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