8 Quick Tips To Remember the Study Abroad Preparation Checklist

study abroad preparation

It is no less than an achievement to be a part of the 3.7 million world’s international student population studying abroad. 

Now that you are all up, alive and kicking for the big trip ahead, get your hands on the preparation checklist with these 8 smart tips to back you up. 

1.Apply for a passport and visa 

Here are the essentials you must carry while applying for a passport or visa. 

  • Birth Certificate. 
  • Two recent passport-sized photos. 
  • Verified identity documents such as driver’s license and the likes.
  • Proof of passport application. 

2. Work on your linguistic skills 

  • There are several apps such as Duolingo, Lingvist and Babbel that can be utilised to sharpen your linguistic skills. 

3. Visit your doctor before leaving 

  • Do not miss out on getting a “Physically Fit” certificate from your physician before flying abroad. 
  • Most of the academic institutes and professional platforms demand medical certificates as part of their admission criteria.

4. Get in touch with the alumni of the program 

  • This will help you to get a clear picture of the course details, major setbacks, the perks of pursuing that particular program and the likes. 

5. Plan your finance prior to signing up

  • Check with your regional financial aid office for comprehensive aid and assistance. 

6. Save a few good academic URLs in your Smartphone 

  • For example, if you need Statistics assignment help on the move, you can quickly visit the saved web URL and resolve all queries in no time.

7. Sign up for voting while living overseas 

  • Visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website to follow up with the procedures for overseas voting rights. 

8. Jot down all emergency numbers  

  • Maintain a notepad and jot down Embassy contact details, emergency medical services, police helpline numbers and the likes.


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