Tips for Hair Growth at Home

Hair Growth at Home


Hair maintenance and it’s growth is the topic of hot discussion for everyone whether at home or outside. The best way to take care of your hair is to put some effort occasionally step by step and experience multiple benefits such as smooth, soft and strong long hair strands. Heat treatments and effects of dryness, stickiness can be identified very easily at home and dealt with the hair products and some prepped up natural pastes. Check out the range of hair care products in the critik explaining the plus points, method of application and the types of hair issues for easy solutions.

You have got three ways to mend your hair condition. First to solely depend on the hair care products. This one is mainly opted by the busy users. Second, to depend solely on herbal pastes and natural oils for hair care. This one takes a bit of your time and effort to prepare and is rid of artificial chemicals as in the former category. And thirdly, to make a proper schedule of application of each hair care product, herbal pastes and oil while at home.

Tips for Hair Growth

Every hair type is unique. The hair care product users must note this along with the special needs of their hair to be taken care of. A specific shampoo and conditioner are of the same composition no matter who is using it. Almost all hair types use these to cleanse and moisturize the hair strands. But apart from this, at home the hair care can expand up to some physical care such as massages and other natural mixtures, like hair masks can be prepared for good hair growth and strength.

  1. Shampoo regularly if you have oily hair. Make it less frequent if dry hair is what you have. Conditioner after cleansing is important. Clear scalp devoid of dandruff, older oil deposits and sebum is instrumental to hair growth.
  2. Apply hair oil choosing either herbal oil or jojoba, olive, coconut, almond oil etc. Massage it from the scalp to the hair tips slowly. Massaging the scalp when you are not applying the oil is beneficial to increase blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles.
  3. Eat healthy especially go for the veggies such as green vegetables, dry fruits and citrus fruits. Work out regularly for removing the toxins from the skin pores through sweat and shower it away. 
  4. Prepare hair masks with basic ingredients available in your kitchen store. Use egg, aloe vera, milk, honey, lemon drops and olive or coconut oil drops to prepare these. Apply once in a couple of weeks while leaving it to rest for some time. Then wash it away with normal or lukewarm water. Avoid hot water for dry hair types. Lukewarm water is good for oily hair and scalp combinations.
  5. Use onion, castor and jojoba oil based hair products as they are known to trigger hair growth. Hibiscus, Amla and other citrus extracts are good for cleaning the pores as well as increasing the rate of hair growth. These also curb the hair thinning and make up for the keratin loss.
  6. Use scalp exfoliation packs readily available in the stores. Choose the one checking out its ingredients.
  7. Rice water washes are the best to have long, smooth and shiny hair strands. It is a very staple substance available in homes.
  8. Trim the hair ends once in a couple of months. A little length is just fine to chop off. The regularly cut hair grows faster when compared to the uncut ones. The tips feel thick and healthy with this.

The best way to choose some products that go with your practice at home is by proper knowledge of their composition and referring to the expert Critik reviews. Determine the demands of your hair and scalp while choosing the ingredients, to prepare hair care products at home or going for the readily available ones. Hair care is very much included in the personal hygiene tips to stay healthy and keep shining.

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