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Tent rental, floors, tables, chairs, service rental and much more.

We offer you the easiest way when you need to rent a party tent for your birthday, confirmation, wedding party or another festive occasion. At teltudlejning we rent out most of the party rentals and events from our department on teltudlejning.

We have much more than tent rental, so in addition to party tents you can rent tent floors, tables and chairs, and we also offer service rental, draft beer and more. In other words, if you choose us as your tent rental company, you can have it all in one place. When you rent a tent from us, you choose whether you want to set up the party tent yourself, or whether we have to deliver and set up the party tent.

Professional Tent Rental

At teltudlejning we are passionate about one thing, namely to create the perfect setting for your party. Whether you are holding a birthday party, confirmation, student party, journeyman party, christening or something completely different, we will always do our utmost to create the optimal framework for the day to be memorable and good.

Selection of tents for rent

Of course, in order to meet all kinds of requirements and wishes for a party tent, we do not just have a single type or size of tents. Below you will get a brief overview and an overview of the tents you can rent from us. Read more here: Party tents

Assortment of party tents for rent

Are you looking for a traditional party tent? Then we have a wide range of different sizes. You can no doubt find a size below that suits both your garden and number of guests. See a at pavilion

We not only rent tents, but also pavilions. A pavilion can serve as a perfect complement to a party tent. For example, it is perfect as a cover for the chef, the buffet or the smokers.

In addition, a pavilion can also be made enormously cozy and decorative with candles, tables and candles. Our pavilions are available in both black and white, measure 3×3 meters, have a side height of two meters and weigh well over 30 kilos. The white pavilions are also available with sides.

Panoramic party tent for rent

Do you want to give your guests a different and spectacular experience? Then we recommend that you take a thorough look at our panoramic party tent. The panoramic tent is completely transparent, both at the top and in the sides, which gives a special and unique atmosphere where you can enjoy both the sky and the surroundings.

We have everything for the perfect party!

A party is not only created by a tent that needs more if you want the perfect party. This also includes things like floors, tables, chairs, tableware, lighting, heating, various furniture, draft beer systems, coffee machines, sound, refrigerators, etc.

You do not necessarily need all these things, but if you really want a party where nothing is missing, then many of these things are needed. You may have some of the things yourself where you obviously do not need to rent them.

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