EasyTaxi: A Better Business Model than Uber

EasyTaxi Clone

Southeast Asia is right now the biggest market for commencing a taxi service business. There are many some the market giant that are ruling the market of Southeast Asia. Companies like Go-Jek and Grab are earning a lot. As uber is not a key player anymore in Southeast Asia’s market, so other taxi service companies have no fear.

Something is happening in Latin America too. Well, in Latin America the ride-hailing companies getting a better grip on the market. It is the second largest mobile market in the world and the use of on demand apps are on top in Latin America. Each day more 40,000 to 50,000 rides are being booked for commuting; don’t you think the numbers are very high? It is true and people there are all dependent on ride-hailing companies for commuting from one place to another. In those many taxi booking companies, EasyTaxi is one of the biggest competitors of uber in Latin America.

You may be knowing that uber is the first one in this business but being the first does not mean being the best. It is not at all easy to complete uber in an open market but EasyTaxi founded and implemented some great solutions. And that is why it knows to be the strongest competitor of uber in Latin America.

Let’s see what were the solutions of EasyTaxi regarding their business models as well as its business too

Customer Focused

The first solution was based on customer requirement. They focused on the requirement of their customers. EasyTaxi did not launch their services filling up the thing that they want their customers to try. Instead of that, they provided the services that the people of Latin America wanted from the ride-hailing company with their intuitive business model. After all, it is good to overcome the problem as well as the real-life challenges of the native people if running a business. So they did the same and made their business model simple & interactive.

The essential features of Easy Taxi

EasyTaxi has a very simple registration process, every user has to select their social accounts to complete the sign-up process. A user can sign up through Facebook or by Google account. The signup process completes as the app retrieves the information from the user’s social media accounts.

The EasyTaxi have in-app payment feature. The user not redirect to another page; the payment gateway opens up within inside the app. Now, this keeps the payment transaction process very much safe and secure.

If a user is stuck in any problem, EasyTaxi has an amazing online support system that is available throughout a day. Throughout day means 24/7 and the response is really quick if compared to other taxi service providers.

However, the features are many in an EasyTaxi business model but these are amazing as well as impeccable features that are way much user-friendly.


EasyTaxi has the most licensed hailing taxis all around the world. Well, this is part of the taxi industry where Uber is failing and is being banned in many countries. With so many licensed hailing taxis, EasyTaxi got many benefits and the best one is that the services are way much flexible than the Uber. Their taxis are available 24/7. As their taxis are all licensed, no legal issues arise. The riders are safe and secure and even reach their destination on time.

The ride booking system of EasyTaxi is actually quick. As soon as the request place by any rider, the nearest ride is assigned to pick the same rider. They even provide better driving training to their drivers. Not every licensed driver is allowed to drive for EasyTaxi, they have to clear some sort of driving exam. After then only they are allowed to drive and their results are based on their ratings.


Although uber is known to be the most interactive on demand taxi services providing app but not as much like EasyTaxi. EasyTaxi has the most convenient taxi booking business model. If its launch all around the world, it is obvious that EasyTaxi will be on the level of uber. People there is Latin America consider EasyTaxi more rather than uber as EasyTaxi is actually more convenient as well as affordable.

Easy Payment Feature

Not every taxi service company have the flexible payment option as EasyTaxi have. EasyTaxi’s business model is featured with various payment options like online payment through credit as well as the debit card. In many Asian countries, Uber offers only credit card payment option but not every person there owns a credit card. People there usually use cash or debit card to pay for their needs. Now, this condition annoys many people, that is why Easy Taxi clone is much better in terms of commuting people from one place to another.

Through EasyTaxi, the riders can even pay through their debit or credit cards and even pay their trip fare in cash directly to the driver. Whatever commission amount generate, the system of EasyTaxi cuts from the driver’s wallet account.

App User Interface

Whether it’s a rider app or a driver app, the user interface is far much better than the Uber. The latest designs of both the app allow the user to use to the app perfectly without facing any problem. The rider can easily and quickly book their ride in just 4-5 seconds. On the same side, the driver can also accept the ride request place by the riders.

The Bottom Line to develop an Easy Taxi clone

Why thinking about an uber like app for your taxi business when you can have an Easy Taxi clone. Consider connecting with an app providing company and avail yourself an Easy Taxi clone app today.

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