Topping the App store Leader board with your Taxi booking app

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By this time you already know, that just having an app isn’t enough.  You will be able to capitalize on your on-demand taxi startup business.  You can make a whole of money if you can ensure that your taxi application is optimized for the app store as well.

This means apart from your standard Search Engine Optimization, attention that you will have to pay towards App Store Optimization. But throwing random big words is hard, if ever, helpful. We have to understand what it is before we can work towards making the most of such optimization practices.

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What is ASO?

ASO stands for App Store Optimization. This is essentially the practice that allows you to make sure that your Taxi app is visible on the app store. But not just by its particular name, but any keyword that is popularly used to search that type of apps on the app store.

So, your apps are ranked in terms of their relevance and significance on the app store. With better ASO practices, you will be able to make sure that your app is more visible and thereby more popular amongst the users who would want to use some app of that sort.

What contributes to better or worse ASO?

While the digital world is the perfect example of organized chaos. There are some very clear factors that contribute to the better ASO of an app in general. These factors include:


An icon is known to be the first impression of the app; it gives a rough idea to the users about the functionality. It is either made on the brand symbol or on the brand name. An icon should be fascinating so that it may easily attract the users as the icon tells the overall story of the mobile app.


The options of uninstalling should be available in the app or else user will not be able to remove the app from their devices. And this can be a huge problem for the app developer.


According to the SEO practices, the keywords are way much essential for optimizing app on the app store. Keywords matter a lot to make apps popular on the app stores.


A perfect description is very important as it describes the workflow of an app in a brief form. A simple description allows users to understand the features as well as the services that an app is providing. An app description also includes the keyword that also allows the app to gain popularity on the app stores as well as on different search engines.


To mention the app’s workflow and interface, a visual description is also important. That is why the app’s screenshot is very important that displays the working of the app. The screenshots should be clear enough for the users.

Preview video

A short preview video should also be available on the app store to show the interface of an app.

Other Essential ASOs

  • Title and subtitle
  • The retention rate
  • Reviews and ratings
  • The volume of downloads

So, What Should You Do?

Now that you know what are the maximum contributing factors to ensure that your Taxi Startup ranks well on the app store, here are a few things that you can do to make sure you do well in this business:

Name of the taxi application

Make sure that the name of your app is in some way related to the taxi set up. For example, while it might sound really stylish and different to call you taxi service “Chocolate”, it makes absolutely no sense to do that. No one is going to try searching for a taxi application on the app store with a name such as chocolate.

Keeping it somewhere in the vicinity of driving, riding or cabs or taxi is going to help. People will recognize the intention and meaning of the app almost instantly. And this is not just good app store practice; it is a good practice for any kind of business to be started anywhere.


Keywords are called keywords for a reason. They are “key” to a person and a search engine’s ability to search the application. The only catch is that you can use only 100 words for the keywords so just make sure you exploit those 100 words to the maximum. Everything has to be perfectly clear when it comes to the explanation side of the apps.

Stay updated

Sometimes people really don’t understand the significance of making regular updates to the apps. But truly, it is absolutely critical. The thing about technology is that it keeps changing with every passing day. Unless you can offer the enhancements that a user expects from time to time, then your app isn’t really going to be the hot favorite for too long. Ensure that you keep enhancing user experience with respect to the latest offerings that their operating system has to offer.


There is a lot to the realm of search optimization. App store or otherwise, the basic objective of making your taxi application search ready is to ensure that it is accessible by the people. You want to be absolutely sure that if there is a customer out there who might need your services then you are there to offer them. Ready up a little about what are the different ways you can ensure that your taxi startup business has everything that it needs.

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