How To Take Care Of Locs: Loc Maintenance Tips In 2024

tips for locs

Locs are famous currently for having a pretty hairstyle. Men and Women carry locs but unfortunately, they don’t know how to take care and maintain locs. People who don’t have locs and want to grow also need to know about it. So, we are sharing some tips to take care of your locs.

What Are Locs?

Before going for loc maintenance, knowing what locs are required is required. So, the strands of hair are similar to ropes known as locs or dread locs. You must not comb your hair and let them mate naturally for locs.  People also twist their hair, which becomes matted locs over time. Now, that you know what locs are let’s know how to take care of them.

Loc Maintenance Tips

Multiple salon services help you to maintain your locs however, everybody doesn’t want to spend on loc maintenance. So read the tips and take care of locs. Check out loc maintenance salons near Cincinnati for the best loc maintenance services.

Wash Your Locs

With time dust and dust settle on locs giving them a brown look and can cause an unpleasant smell and itching on your scalp. Washing your locs with shampoo will remove that dirt and restore their shiny look. Use warm water that will help shampoo to penetrate your locs and focus on your scalp. Squeeze the shampoo in your locs for a few times and let your locs get cleaned from the inside. Do not shampoo your locs frequently and repeatedly as it can cause dryness, thinning locs, and even breakage to your locs. Newly installed locs are also recommended not to shampoo as they may unravel.

Condition Your Locs

Apply a conditioner onto your locs and leave it for 5 minutes, after that you can remove it. It will cleanse your locs You can also deep condition your locs. For this, condition your locs and cover your hair with a shower cap or towel. Leave it for at least 15 minutes so that the conditioner penetrates your locs. After a deep conditioner, your locs will be moisturized and softened. You can apply a conditioner right after shampoo, but deep conditioner is recommended in 2 weeks. Baby locs are recommended not to be conditioned because they aren’t mature enough.

Dry Your Locs

Dry your locs properly after washing them with shampoo or conditioner. Drying your locs from natural air would be a good decision but if the weather isn’t suitable, you can use a hand-held dryer to dry your locs. Remember to eliminate every drop of water from your locs, as it can cause an unpleasant smell and itching.

Oil Your Locs

After drying your locs, oil your scalp and dry locs areas such as tips. You can use coconut oil, Olive oil, or any other option. Press your hands so that the oil penetrates your locs and gently massage it. It will keep your locs and scalp moisturized. Skipping this step can also cause excess dryness and itching. You may face some hair breakage too, after skipping this step.

Night Routine For Your Locs

Sleep on a silk/satin pillow or wrap your locs with a silk scarf or bonnet before going to bed. It will keep the moisture trapped in your locs and you will not face dryness and hair breakage-like problems. It will also prevent frizz, dirt, and debris from settling on your locs. Some people also prefer to moisturize their hair at night. 

Styling Your Locs

As your locs grow longer they become heavier and put more tension on your hair than before. In this situation, your edges come to risk. Don’t style your locs very tight as it may cause hair breakage. Consider the tension on your hair while styling and try to avoid thinning, bald patches, and traction alopecia. 

Product Usage For Locs

While choosing hair products and carrying locs, try to avoid heavy products and do not try too many hair products. Locs are formed with matted hair and are vulnerable to buildup. Instead, use fewer products and lightweight hair products.

In Short

Locs require care and maintenance like normal hair. You can check out salon services for premium locs maintenance, but if you don’t want to spend too much on hair or can’t afford that. You can also use some tricks and tips to maintain your locs. Try not to use multiple products and heavy products on your locs especially.