Syska Sound Cup Review

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Syska is a well-known name when it comes to electronics. Their recent model, Syska Sound Cup Bluetooth speaker was launched and it has been priced at ₹6999. It will be competing with the other budget Bluetooth speakers available in the market by other brands. There are so many speakers to choose from now and one can select the one as per their preference. Will Syska Sound Cup be able to handle all that competition? It surely is better than some speakers. With a growing trend and demand for good Bluetooth wireless speakers, many companies have introduced models that are affordable yet provide good quality sound. If you plan on paying over five thousand for a Bluetooth speakers, you look certain features like battery, portability and sound quality.

Is it a good buy this year? What are the features and highlights of Syska Sound Cup Bluetooth speakers? You will get to know about it all in the context below. Let’s take a good look at various pros and cons of these speakers to see whether they are better than their competition or not. 

Design – 

The name of the speakers suggest there might be a cup or something, but the speakers look like JBL’s. Unlike JBL speakers, these are not to be kept upright. Syska Sound Cup is a cylindrical speaker. It is made up of plastic. The plastic body gives it a good build. There is a fabric mesh that covers most of the body of the speaker. If you press the fabric mesh a little harder, you will feel the inner plastic body of Syska Sound Cup. There are two strips that connect the faces of the speaker. These strips are rubbery. There are two faces. One face will let you control the track and playback via touch interface. This face also has a mode indicator and a volume dial, which is analog and it looks very good. You can choose from indoor and outdoor modes using the indicator on this face of Syska Sound Cup. The designing of the model doesn’t go well with its placement. It won’t affect the performance in any way. 

The materials used in the making of this device give it a premium look and efforts has been put to add details and proper ruggedness to Syska Sound Cup speakers. They have an IPX4 rating and they will be able to withstand splashes of water. The speakers work with Bluetooth, aux and NFC. The aux port has been placed on the bottom between the feet. 

Performance – 

The sound quality is good. It is loud enough to fill the whole room with music. On high volumes, there can occur some disturbance. The subwoofer has been placed nicely and songs like uptown funk sounded really very good. The bass is crisp and precise. With simple tracks, the speakers work very good. As we shift to complex tracks, like high res tracks, there seems to be spacing between the vocals and the instrumental part of the song. You can also apply for Software Engineer Intern jobs to know about this field.

The two modes available are indoor and outdoor. Indoor mode stresses on the bass and the outdoor mode boosts highs and mids of the tracks being played. In case of calls, you might have to stay close to the speaker to make yourself audible. Connecting to Bluetooth of phones takes a little while sometimes. 

Conclusion – 

The highlights of the speaker are its modes and analog volume dial. The sound quality is good but the call performance isn’t very satisfying. The design and alignment of Syska Sound Cup seems a bit confusing. There are many qualities in these speakers. The built is strong and you don’t have to worry about breaking it by dropping it accidently. The sound quality is good when it comes to simple songs and it drops to average when complex songs are played at high volumes. These speakers are better than a lot many available in similar price range of 7k. Its connectivity is very good as it provides Bluetooth and aux and NFC as well. Aesthetically, they’re appealing and give a strong look. They are not a bad option to try. Syska Sound Cup speakers are portable and durable too. 

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