The Most Sustainable Beauty Brands & Their Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Sustainable Beauty Brands

We all know how much the climate change is affecting our planet and how the usage of plastic and a lot of other animal-by products are contributing to it.

A lot of makeup brands use plastic and other material which causes damage to the nature and environment. But they are many great beauty brands that care about environment, nature, and wildlife. Here we will talk about the most sustainable beauty brands and how they are working towards making the environment better with their eco-friendly products. 

3 Most Sustainable Beauty Brands and How They’re Helping Environment

Here we will discuss about the beauty and personal care brands which are making difference with their products.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the most sustainable beauty brands and why you should switch to them as soon as possible.


Garnier is a phenomenon. Everyone around the world knows them and use their products. It is one of the elite, mainstream beauty brand that stands out in the crowd because of their sustainable and eco-friendly catalogue.

Garnier is officially certified by the Cruelty Free International under the leaping bunny programme. Garnier is committed to manufacture cruelty-free beauty and skin care products to preserve the wildlife and not damage the environment as well.

Since 1989, Garnier is officially against animal testing and forensically investigate over 500 suppliers who source more than 3,000 ingredients for manufacturing their products. So its time you get rid of other brands that are cruel to the animals and contribute to animal safely and preserving environment.

The Truthbrush

You should change a toothbrush in 3 months or so. Toothbrushes are made out of plastic and they don’t really break down at all and end up in the ocean one way or another. Large amount of plastic is wasted everyday just in toothbrushes and now there is a way you can contribute in reducing that.

The Truthbrush is an organic toothbrush made out of fully biodegradable materials. The Truthbrush is made up of bamboo and the bristles are also made from plant-based material. The packaging is also recyclable as well.

It is pretty easy on your teeth and gums and is actually very comfortable to hold and use as well. So you won’t be just having a better start and end of a day but also helping the environment as well.


Everyone is tired of the disposable items. You just run out of the tissues or cotton buds when you need them the most. Driving to a store nearby could be a big hurdle and you would do anything to avoid that last moment thing.

LastObject eliminates the whole disposable concept with its range of reusable products such as tissues and cotton buds. You can use products by LastObject and then wash them clean with water and soap.

This whole concept lessens the demand for manufacturing more products like tissues and cotton buds and saves the environment as well. For instance, trees are chopped down to obtain wood for making tissues. On the other hand, the whole manufacturing process further damages the environment with the release of carbon and other chemicals into water and air. 

So switch to LastObject to save yourself a lot of trouble and help the environment as well.

Ending Note

These are a few of the most sustainable beauty brands that are helping the environment with their thoughtful initiatives. So play your part and help us restore the nature and stop animal cruelty as well. And oh, these products actually are healthy to use compared to the other chemical-filled products.

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