Top 5 Stupendous Books that Talk About Women Empowerment!

women empowernment

A couple of decades ago, it wasn’t possible to imagine women running the world we live in. Today, it’s the reality of the society that encapsulates all of us. Women of this era are strong, opinionated, independent, relentless, fearless, limitless, and everything else you can ever imagine them to be. The problematic thinking of the patriarchal world is slowly and confidently being brought down by the fierce women all around. Be it a business woman, an actress, a writer, a corporate employee, or a homemaker, all of them have joined their hands today to stand tall and strong infront of all the obstacles and barriers imposed to stop them from achieving big and living their best lives. To make it all happen, a lot of people have taken stands, spoken out, and worked hard. A bunch of commendable writers have written astounding books to make the world more and more aware about women empowerment and to give strength and power to the women who need it. You can always get your hands on these stupendous books and read inspiring stories and thoughts of the true feminists and the strongest women ever. Here are some of the best ones we found:  

Know My Name – Chanel Miller

There’s a lot women go through and one of the hardest things she can endure is sexual assault. ‘Know my Name’ is about the exact experience of a survivor who shares her story about how she reclaimed her identity after this traumatizing incident that was publicized and left her broken. A lot of sexual assault survivors are out there with shattered self-esteems that are fighting every day for justice. This book is the kind of memoir that can provide them with courage, empower them, and heal them in the most profound ways. Read about consent, an urgent need for change in society, and the impact of sexual abuse on the victims.

When Men Love Bitches – Sherry Argov

Women and girls who are naive, kind souls, and empathetic in nature have the tendency to give on an extreme extent in a relationship. The end result is always that feeling of being taken for granted by your partners where they don’t even feel the need to listen to you after a point. ‘Why Men Love Bitches’ is a saucy book that guides you about how you should stand up for yourself and go forward with a feisty attitude in a relationship. It’s not that you have to be desirable enough when it comes to men and relationships but you certainly need to stand your ground and speak up for yourself. This no-nonsense book will transform you from a girl that sacrifices too much for a man and never puts herself first to a girl with high standards and the highest self-respect who takes no shit from anyone!

Uninvited – Lysa TerKeurst

You’re a human; you cannot be fuelled with positivity and confidence at all times. There’ll be times when you’d feel left out, alone, sad, and just deprived of energy. These are the times when you will need a book like ‘Uninvited’! It’s more like a friend that you can rely on in your most vulnerable time and get support when you can’t find it anywhere else. The author in this book shares her personal experiences of rejection, abandonment, and fear of being alone. Order yourself a copy if you’re dealing with feelings like these and set off on the journey of self-acceptance and healing. 

Hood Feminism – Mikki Kendall

Nothing in this world is perfect and neither is feminism. Those who deny this are the perfect examples of those who love to live in the bubbles of illusion. Hood Feminism is an excellent book that addresses all the flaws in feminism including its narrow focus and how it overlooks the challenges and battles fought by the marginalized women. If you want to take a deeper look at feminism with an open mind and want to understand the struggles of women that go unnoticed, grab this masterpiece.

We’re going to Need More Wine – Gabrielle Union

Even when you’re talking about complex and serious topics such as feminism, you need a bit of fun and wit. ‘We’re Going to Need More Wine’ is one such book that keeps it light for you while addressing all the correct things. It’s a beautiful collection of personal stories and essays where different women share their experiences and give you a glimpse in their lives. These amazing tales cover thought provoking topics like racism, gender stereotypes, motherhood, love, self-acceptance and so much more. It’s a perfect book to read under your cosy covers with some snacks and relate to women who share their journeys and humorous tales from their lives.

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