Why Study Automotive Courses In Australia?

automotive courses

People study automotive courses in Australia because of all the benefits such a course would provide to scholars. It is a massive industry with ample demand for certified pros to join the field. Hence, know about the benefits of studying automotive courses; however, have a brief look at the automotive industry in Australia first.

Automotive industry in Australia

International manufacturers opened their first plant in Australia in the 20th century. Ford Australia is the first major vehicle manufacturer; in 1948, Holden was responsible for the first mass-produced Australian-designed car. In the 1970s, Australia rose to the top 10 spots in car manufacturing. This nation is known for making passenger large sized automobiles.

General Motors, a subsidiary of Holden, and Ford Australia continued to make Australia-design vehicles. In addition, Toyota Australia was responsible for manufacturing international models’ local variants. However, between 2016 and 2017 all three companies were shut but Ford’s design & development facility still operates; it now makes Australia one of 13 countries that can design & develop a car from scratch and mass-produce it.

 In 2023’s January and February record shows that vehicle sales were up by 6.5% in January and February compared to the previous year’s two months. Also, the total sold vehicles in the 2023 January-February period was 171,751 units. It shows how large Australia’s automotive industry is and answers the question “why you should study automotive courses in Australia”.

Benefits of Automotive industry

Ample benefits grace the scholars who opt to pursue an automotive curriculum. However, the prominent advantages of studying such courses are:

1. Multiple job opportunities

The Australian national workforce in the automotive industry is over 400,000 people who are directly & indirectly employed in this sector. This nation has more than 100,000 businesses that deal with car manufacturing, servicing, retail, logistics, and repair. This industry has an annual turnover that surpasses $160 billion. Each year’s taxation revenue from this industry generates over $10 billion.

The annual average salary of people working in this industry is $76,050. The market size in 2023 has a growth of 6.3%, which is around $165.8 billion. All, these data show that there will be ample demand for certified pros in this field in the coming years as the market will expand. Some job roles in this industry are:

#Auto body technicians – These experts work on damaged cars. Their primary job is to fix cars that were involved in an accident or some kind of collision. The average salary of these pros is $62,633 annually.

#Electrical engineer – These pros specialize in designing, troubleshooting, testing, repairing, etc. various electrical car components. It includes a communicative system, a safety system, etc. The national average salary of these experts is $91,231.

#Mechanical designer – These experts are responsible for developing, drafting, and testing automobiles. They collaborate with engineers and designers to develop new vehicle concepts, perform safety exams, etc. Their national average salary is $71,418.  

#Industrial designers – These people create concepts and blueprints for numerous products including vehicles. Some examples of things they create are fenders, doors, mirrors, headlamps, etc. The national average salary of these pros is $69,816.

#Automotive service manager – A service manager in this sector is in charge of an entire dealership or service center. It includes hiring, training, supervising teams, etc. The national average salary of these pros is $61,340.  

Multiple job opportunities with excellent salaries are “why you should study automotive courses in Australia”.

2. Cost of living in Australia

The cost of living in Australia will depend on the place an individual resides along with numerous other factors. However, a scholar can stay in Australia by spending $990 per month. It includes renting a single room ($550), food ($200), internet & mobile (60), transport ($60), electricity & other utilities ($60), and entertainment ($60).

The room rent will vary greatly based on the location an individual decides to stay. Also, the price of food items will be different from one place to another. Hence, one should simply get in touch with immigration consultants when planning to study and work in Australia. They can help in knowing the exact living cost depending on the place one chooses to study and reside.

Disclaimer: This is the living cost of a single student per month. However, it can significantly vary depending on one’s lifestyle, accommodation, etc.

3. Government-funded scholarships

One of the reasons more students are willing to get into Automotive courses in Australia is due to the scholarships available for them. Several government-funded scholarships are provided to scholars who prove themselves to be the best in this field. Some of these prestigious scholarships consist of:

Destination Australia Program – DAP is a program, which funds suitable tertiary providers of education to select international and domestic students for scholarships. People who opt for this scholarship have to study in one of the Australian regional areas. Each selected student receives $15,000 every year; depending on merit, these scholars range from Certificate IV pursuers to PhD candidates in regional Australian campuses.

Australian Awards – Australian Awards combine scholarships that are offered by ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research), Education Department and DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs). This award aims at promoting educational links, knowledge, etc, between Australia and its neighbors.

Provider Scholarships – Educational providers in Australia offer scholarships to international students depending on their academic merit. It is available to all nationality scholars but its condition is set by an organization or institution that is offering this scholarship.

Australian Government RTP – The RTP (Research and Training Program) scholarship is a single pool of flexible funds that is available for both international and domestic students. It is only applicable to scholars that pursue Research Master’s Degree or Research Doctorate. 10% of the entire funding is reserved for overseas students, while the rest is available for domestic scholars.

To know more about funding available consult immigration professionals today!

4. Research Oriented Programs

Most people choose Australia because of their top-notch research-oriented courses. With state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, people can conduct life-changing and valuable research in the automotive industry. Moreover, each university will offer different fellowships that will aid in creating interest among students and encourage them to opt for their interested field.

Some of the universities ideal for such programs include RMIT University, Edith Cowan University, Kangan Institute, Melbourne Polytechnic, and more. These institutes offer a curriculum that focuses chiefly on practical hands-on experience along with theoretical knowledge.

Several universities ensure students learn from the best industry experts and thus, the curriculum focuses on providing scholars with practical experience through working as an intern, associates, etc. for a considerable number of hours before they complete their Automotive courses in Australia.

5. Visa is easily available

Pursuing courses to become a professional in the automotive industry will enable a student to get a student visa easily. Australia needs certified workers in this field; hence, students applying for a visa to study in this field can acquire a visa easily as long as the documents submitted are correct.

People who want to pursue automotive courses will have to apply for a student subclass 500 visa. It will allow an individual to study the courses he/she wants and also work for a specified period of time. It is valid for 5 years from the date of enrolment and the fee for it is Australia $650 unless it is exempted due to certain pre-set conditions.


There are numerous benefits of studying Automotive courses in Australia. From having ample job opportunities in this industry to easily acquiring a student visa, securing jobs with great pay, ample scholarship programs, a high-quality educational system, and more. Hence, consult an immigration consultant today to quickly be in Australia for studying Automotive courses and securing a great future.