Why You Must Stop Obsessing About These 4 Things In SEO

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There are many thing overrated in SEO. Actually whenever a new trend takes over, people startthinking and rather SEOs also get obsessed about it. They think this must be the next important thing to be included in the list of must inclusion. However, this is not the case, if you look into it keenly. Thereare some things which are hyped. And if you are also believing in this hype then now is the time you get educated about it, and get out of the obsession.

1. Voice search is overrated

What is voice search, and what is the use of it. Well, voice search is actually the technology that makes voice based searching much easy. There are voice assistant programs and machines out there now, brought by various companies including Google. And if you have to search on them then you may use the voice assistance option. In some cases that is the only option you have to. But does this mean, not being ready for voice search would kill your visibility? Well, not so, and it should not be so.


Technology would be evolving now and then, what is a voice base search may be something better and advanced tomorrow. And this technology is still in its infancy. Not many people search through voice, and even if they do, they would rather give it another try by manual input when they are convinced with the search results. Therefore you have every reason to stay out of this obsession, and can pacify yourself that you still have time to see the implication of this technology, and then imply this on your site.

2. Duplicated pages are not essential

If you are in one such business, where you need to make multiple pages for your job related to multiple cities, and need to prove that you are working from all the places, then you may be in the need of duplicate pages. But if you talk to your SEO consultant, you may know that duplicate pages are not that essential. Youmay do without them too, by setting up a virtual office.

3. You need not be in every single local citation directory

If your SEO service is making you do this, then this is unwanted. You may feel this is good for your local business to be in every local business directory. But a local citation is actually sensible when you choose the top 30 to 40 directories in the area, and do this on them.

4. Rank tracking is not the main thing

Stop rank tracking every few hours. You really need not get obsessive about rank tracking. Rank tracking is important, but not to the point of obsession. Besides, rank would vary now and then. You may have one rank against one keyword, and the next moment it may change. Therefore you really don’t have to run after keyword specific rank which keeps on changing by some 2 to 3 hours, or so. Rather think about other ways to be in the top, like in the Google rich snippets, business listing etc.

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