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When you’re dealing with a discipline like math, solving the problems or equations on time becomes a challenge. Having too many distractions around makes it all the more complicated to solve those math problems in less time. 

Now, while solving the math equations may be difficult, it’s not impossible. There are some strategies you’ll find useful when you’re working on your math problems and want to solve them all on time. Let’s ponder over them one by one. 

Set realistic goals 

It won’t always be possible to solve five math problems in fifteen minutes, particularly if problems require multiple steps to solve. If you’re trying to solve math equations efficiently, think about how long it’s taken for you to complete similar problems in class. Devote the same amount of time you allot to your math equations. For instance, if realistically you know you can solve one problem on your assignment in five minutes, you’ll have to give yourself an hour to complete twelve problems.

If you try to solve an hour’s worth of math problems in half an hour, you won’t be able to do a great job and receive no credit for your efforts, opine the online Instant Assignment Help. Thus, you’ll have wasted thirty minutes trying to save time.

Know how much work is needed 

Sometimes teachers want you to highlight all of your work and offer grades on the process and strategies you use. Sometimes, you must find the right answer. In this case, you don’t need to waste your time highlighting all of your work if the math calculations you can simply do in your head.

For example, you might have memorized how you can solve a math equation with the help of the formula of the Pythagorean Theorem. If your teacher doesn’t need to see all of the steps, there’s no need to show how this answer is found from using the Pythagorean Theorem. Simply take note of your answer and move on.

Look for patterns

Sometimes math problems follow a specific sequence. If you can recognize this sequence, you may be able to accurately write down your answers without calculating each one or without even looking at the problems. Take notes on any patterns that you see in the problem. These patterns can guide you to solve the problem and may even assist you to directly find the answer.

However, you must be careful when looking for patterns. Sometimes, if you don’t completely understand the work, you might notice patterns where none exist. Other times, you might perceive the problems are following a pattern when they actually don’t.

Review your information

Think about what you’ve written down about the problem to ensure that you have accurately copied the numbers and other details. Don’t plan the steps until you’re absolutely sure that you have all of the required information and that you completely understand the problem. 

If you don’t quite understand the math problem, take a moment to browse through some examples in your textbook or online. Looking at how other people have accurately solved similar problems may allow you to understand what this problem is asking you to do.

Compare your answer to an estimate

In case of more difficult math problems, go back and make an estimate about what the answer is, then check the estimate against the solution you arrived at. Doing this can assist you to quickly identify unreasonable answers.

If the answer to your math problem seems reasonable depending on your estimate, don’t try re-checking your work. Only re-check work that doesn’t align with your estimate.

Pay attention in class

Focus on learning the concepts of math in class so that when you sit down to work on your assignment or take a timed test later, you’ll know how to approach and solve the problems. 

If you don’t pay attention in math class, much of your assignment time may be wasted on going back through your textbook and notes to reacquaint yourself on how to do the work.

Have a study partner

When you work with a friend or a classmate, it’s alright to compare notes with a classmate. Everyone’s mind functions differently, and so you may each understand different topics or chapters more easily. You can try explaining the complex concepts to each other or practice sample problems when studying together.

It’s ideal to choose someone you are most comfortable with, so they’re not surprised that you’re contacting them. Also, don’t depend on your study partner too often, or you may have a hard time learning the subject independently.

Consider getting a tutor

If you’re struggling to finish your math problem quickly every day, you might benefit from help from experts. There are tutors available for both online and offline assistance. These experts are amazing because they can help you with exactly what you’re struggling with, and you can join their session any time you’re facing difficulties. 

You can ask a teacher or counselor about tutoring through your school. Many schools and colleges initiate peer tutoring programs and have volunteers, so you can get individualized guidance for free. Many of these tutors are either advanced-level math students or even teachers themselves, so they’ll be able to help you learn difficult concepts. 

Reward yourself

If you get done with solving math problems, you can select a reward that’s motivating for you. This can be having ice cream, watching a football game, or anything else you particularly enjoy. Rewarding yourself is essential, too, as it will keep you enthusiastic about focusing and working efficiently in the future. 

But honest and only reward yourself if you were focused throughout and if you finished your task properly. Don’t reward yourself if you crammed too many tasks within a specific timeframe and didn’t do a perfect job on your homework.


Solving math problems may seem challenging and time-consuming, but it isn’t impossible to achieve. You need to know the right approaches to solve the math problems on time. 

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